Update Notes For v0.8.1736

Battleframes Combat

  • Cleaned up the animations for characters' torsos while jump jetting.
  • All Battleframe base speeds have been reduced by 2 meters per second. The stock run speeds were not intended to move as fast as they were and there should now be a more noticeable difference in crafting new servos to increase run speed.
  • All cooldowns have been modified. "Instant" (ex. Afterburner) abilities start at a 45 second cooldown and can be crafted down to 5 seconds. "Duration" (ex. Overcharge) abilities start at 60 seconds and can be crafted down to 5 seconds longer than the maximum duration allowed.
  • Performed tweaks and polish to various character/Battleframe-related animations.
Battleframe Perks
  • Battleframe Perks are an addition to the progression system. While some Perks are granted to every character from the start, most Perks are attained by progressing Battleframes.Perks
  • Once a Perk is unlocked, it can be used globally, across any Battleframe provided there are enough free Perk Points available on the Battleframes.
  • As Battleframes progress, their maximum number of Perk Points allowed increases, capping at 105 Perk Points per Battleframe.
  • Equipping perks is free, as long as the points are available.
  • Each time a new perk is earned via progression, the ARES pilot is given a free perk respec point. A perk respec point can be used to unequip all perks from a Battleframe so that a new combination of perks can be slotted. Perk respec points are shared across all Battleframes.
  • Stage I and Starter Perks are 5 Perk Points.
  • Stage II Perks are 10 Perk Points.
  • Stage III Perks are 25 Perk Points.
  • Stage IV Perks are 40 Perk Points.
  • These can be used in any combination to meet the 105 Perk Point limit (for a maxed out Battleframe).*
  • *Limitation: no more than ten Perks can be equipped on a single Battleframe at any given time.

General Perks

  • Brawler - Starting Perk - Adds a melee attack (Default hotkey: G).
  • Extra Plating - Starting Perk - Increases base health.
  • Incandescent Armor - Starting Perk - Reduces fire damage and explosive damage taken.
  • Kinetic Absorption - Starting Perk - Reduces bullet damage taken.
  • Man Hands - Starting Perk - Increases reload speed.
  • Neutralizer - Starting Perk - Reduces poison and melding damage taken.
  • Powered Armor - Starting Perk - Reduces plasma and energy damage taken.
  • Prototype Pistons - Starting Perk - Increases base run speed slightly.
  • Sprinter - Starting Perk - Increases sprint speed.

 Battleframe Assault 24Accord AssaultAss Accord

  • Crater has been changed to more closely match its original behavior. Upon activating crater, the Assault will play a flip animation and slam to the ground below. Using your movement keys (Default: W, A, S or D) during the hover stage will adjust your landing location.
  • Context: Crater's functionality was changed to more closely match the original version primarily based on player and internal feedback. People overwhelmingly preferred the original functionality so we decided to make this change.
  • Cleaned up Crater animation to better fit the ability.

 Battleframe Assault 24Accord Assault Perks

  • Quick-Flexing Servos - Stage 1 Reward - Increases jump height slightly.
  • Plasma Enthusiast - Stage 2 Reward - Energy and Plasma weapons deal additional damage.
  • Prototype Plasma - Stage 3 Reward - Dealing plasma damage knocks back enemies.
  • Second Wind - Stage 4 Reward - Killing several enemies rapidly when low on health grants a full heal.

 Battleframe Tigerclaw 24Tigerclaw

  • Ass Tigerclaw LargeMissile Shot on the Tigerclaw now uses the damage of the primary weapon to determine the ability's damage, as opposed to having a separate damage value. Missile shot damage begins at +15% weapon damage and can be crafted up from there.
  • Context: The issue with Missile Shot is in the new ranges, it would become really punishing to build a weapon that does, say, 1500 damage a shot and still only have Missile Shot do 600 damage. Players would also have to craft the damage stat on Missile Shot up separately, which does not make sense conceptually. Given that, we adjusted the ability to take the weapon damage and add to it. Now Missile Shot should always be worth using, even if it's stock, because a stock Missile Shot will make your normal shot do more damage and come with area of effect damage.
  • Updated the tooltips for Trailblaze, Disruption Wave, and Tether Field to properly match their descriptions.

Tigerclaw Perks

  • Quick Hands - Stage 1 Reward - Reduces weapon switch time.
  • Quick-Pivot Servos - Stage 2 Reward - Increases sprint speed and run speed slightly.
  • Eye of the Tiger - Stage 3 Reward - Reduces the cooldown of movement abilities
  • Hunter - Stage 4 Reward - Repeatedly striking the same target increases damage.

 Battleframe Firecat 24Firecat

  • Removed the crafted damage-over-time stat for Fuel Air Bomb's flame patches. The damage-over-time of the flame patches is now 10% of the initial explosion's damage per tick.
Ass Firecat Large

Firecat Perks

  • Collateral Analytics - Stage 1 Reward - Reduces damage to one's self
  • Epicenter - Stage 2 Reward - Increases the damage dealt by Point-Blank Area of Effect abilities.
  • Corpse Combustion - Stage 3 Reward - When an enemy humanoid is killed, there is a chance they will burst into flames, damaging nearby targets.
  • Flame Buffer - Stage 4 Reward - Creates a flame buffer, that burns nearby enemies. After several seconds, the buffer explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

 Battleframe Biotech 24Accord Biotech

  • Reduced the base duration of Healing Generator from 16 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Reduced the base duration of Triage from 7 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Context: These changes was made to allow more reduction in cooldown that would have been allowable at the longer duration.
Bio Accord

Accord Biotech Perks

  • Persistence - Stage 1 Reward - Increases passive health regeneration.
  • Bio Blending - Stage 2 Reward - Deal additional damage at full health.
  • Catalytic Poisons - Stage 3 Reward - Poison weapons chain damage to nearby enemies.
  • Toxic Finale - Stage 4 Reward - Unleashes a powerful poison cloud that lasts several seconds when incapacitated.

 Battleframe Dragonfly 24Dragonfly

  • The Dragonfly has undergone a design pass. The primary objective was to make abilities that weren't being used often much more desirable so that players at least consider using them before just unslotting them. If players are just discarding an ability because it's a 'no-brainer' to take something else, then the ability needs some work.
  • BioRifle base damage has been increased from 65 damage per shot to 68 (which should translate into 433 effective damage per second (dps) to 453 effective dps.
  • Increased the BioRifle's headshot multiplier from 1.25x to 1.5x.
  • Context: The BioRifle was underperforming compared to the BioNeedler (Accord Biotech), so players were more heavily favoring the BioNeedler. The BioRifle's effective DPS was too far behind and its headshot multiplier was too low. We increased the base DPS and fixed the headshot multiplier to create more of a choice between the BioRifle and BioNeedler.
  • The BioRifle's altfire (MicroHealing Wave) has been updated to more closely match Healing Wave. In addition to healing allies, it now does a knock back while also dealing a small amount of damage to enemies.Bio Dragonfly Large
  • Context: MicroHealing Wave was modified so it matches a normal Healing Wave by dealing damage or healing, instead of just healing. The purpose here is to standardize the behavior as MicroHealing Wave and Healing Wave are both "healing waves."
  • The Dragonfly passive, "Rally", has been reworked. Now, dealing damage will boost your healing output for 5 seconds, and dealing healing other players will boost your damage output for 5 seconds.
  • Context: Rally was changed to solidify the duality of the Dragonfly's role as a damage dealer/healer.
  • Healing Dome has been reworked. It now emanates from the Dragonfly, as opposed to creating a deployable. Friendlies that enter Healing Dome will receive a 5 second buff that causes them to deal bonus damage and lifesteal a small percentage of total damage dealt by weapons. Base value is +5% damage and +5% weapon damage returned as health.
  • Context: We found that players would very rarely use this due to its limitations. A thread was created to gauge where this ability was falling short for players and we've made some adjustments based on that feedback (primarily that it was stationary and secondarily because we don't need that much healing in the game). We made Healing Dome emanate from the Biotech so it's no longer stationary, and the lifeleech rounds were added to incentivize allies to use the Healing Dome, even if they do not need a heal.
  • Emergency Response's cloud has been reworked. It now heals allies that pass through it with a heal over time. The cloud still debuffs enemies that walk through it. The duration of the heal and debuff are no longer separate from the cloud's duration. A base cloud of 3 seconds will apply a 3 second heal or 3 second debuff.
  • Emergency Response applies a heal over time to the Dragonfly upon activation.
  • Context: The cloud left behind from Emergency Response was always intended to heal allies, not just debuff enemies. Everything the Dragonfly does should have a duality of offense and defense, and this cloud was only affecting enemies. Now it heals allies as intended. We also made it automatically heal the Dragonfly just because they would not always get the heal from the cloud when launching, and we wanted the ability to feel consistent.
Dragonfly Perks
  • Bio Reserves - Stage 1 Reward - Reduces the cooldown of healing abilities.
  • Frequent Patient - Stage 2 Reward - Increases healing received by 10%
  • Combat Medic - Stage 3 Reward - Increases heath regeneration of nearby players and revives players to full HP when incapacitated.
  • Auto-repair - Stage 4 Reward - Greatly increases regeneration when out of combat. Additionally, when greater than 40% life is dealt to the player in one instance of damage, applies the same regeneration bonus.

 Battleframe Recluse 24Recluse

Bio Recluse Large

Recluse Perks

  • Ventilator - Stage 1 Reward - When taking poison damage, activate air neutralizers, making you immune to poison damage for a few seconds.
  • Necrotic Bite - Stage 2 Reward - Increases damage to humanoid targets.
  • Potent Toxins - Stage 3 Reward - Weapons and Abilities that deal Poison Damage snare targets.
  • Anatomy Lessons - Stage 4 Reward - Grants a 10% critical strike chance (1.5% damage).

 Battleframe Dreadnaught 24Accord Dreadnaught

  • The reflected damage from Reflective Heavy Armor has been reduced from 50-100% to 10-20%.
  • Context: We found that the reflective damage was extreme against creatures as well as players affected by the reflective damage.Dre Accord
  • The HMG's primary fire effective DPS has been reduced from 646 to 575 base (effective) DPS.
  • Context: Being the standard Battleframe of the archetype, the HMG has been brought in line to be in the middle of its specialty variants.
  • Reduced the base duration of Accord Resilient Plating from 35% to 25% of the health pool.
  • Context: Accord Resilient Plating was too powerful for most encounters around the world of Firefall.

Accord Dreadnaught Perks

  • Knock Out - Stage 1 Reward - Increases damage of melee attack and adds a stun.
  • Get a Move On - Stage 2 Reward - Increases run speed by 20% when primary weapon is holstered.
  • Ricochet - Stage 3 Reward - Have a chance to reflect bullets to nearby enemies.
  • Hellbent - Stage 4 Reward - Damage increases when low on health.

 Battleframe Arsenal 24Arsenal

Dre Arsenal Small

Arsenal Perks

  • Combat Veteran - Stage 1 Reward - Increases reload and weapon switch speed.
  • Stopping Power - Stage 2 Reward - Increases effectiveness and adds knockback to Shotgun and Grenade Launcher secondary weapons.
  • Fully Loaded - Stage 3 Reward - Increase magazine and total ammo capacities.
  • Explosives Expert - Stage 4 Reward - Increases the AOE and damage of explosive weapons.

 Battleframe Mammoth 24Mammoth

  • The HPMG's primary fire effective DPS has been reduced from 700 to 550 base (effective) DPS.
  • Context: The Mammoth is intended to have the most health of the Dreadnaughts, and should have a lower damage output as a tradeoff. This change was done so the Mammoth will better match its role as intended.Dre Mammoth Large
  • The HPMG alt fire has been reworked. It now fires 10 plasma rounds at once. Hitting a target with the alt fire still applies a snare.
  • Context: The altfire of the HPMG was rarely used in open world encounters. This change was made to give the Mammoth a little more burst damage while retaining its utility of snaring opponents. The Mammoth's default kit did not have any real burst damage aside from the explosion following Teleport Shot on an enemy, this change should give the Mammoth a little bit more burst.

Mammoth Perks

  • Harden - Stage 1 Reward - After taking damage, gain an armor buff that reduces the damage of the next source of damage by a percentage.
  • Thick Hide - Stage 2 Reward - Increases health.
  • Shields Up - Stage 3 Reward - Increases health of shield abilities.
  • Power Reserves - Stage 4 Reward - When you activate an ability you heal a percentage of your max health.

 Battleframe Rhino 24Rhino

  • The LHMG's primary fire effective DPS has been increased from 588 to 600 base (effective) DPS.
  • Context: The Rhino is meant to be the more offensive of the Dreadnaughts using a HMG variant. This tweak was done so that the Rhino would be brought more in line with that concept.Dre Rhino Large
  • Increased the base duration of Personal Shield from 3 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • Increased Personal Shield's shield hit points from 150 to 180 (10% of starting base hit points).
  • Context: We found that the Personal Shield was not as desirable as we liked, so we increased its duration so it can be used more intentionally. The short duration made the shield a little more luck-based. We also changed the passive to absorb 10% of the Rhino's base health points because the previous shield was too low, and 10% is much easier to understand the value, and a cleaner starting point.

Rhino Perks

  • Back in Action - Stage 1 Reward - Reduces respawn timer by 10%
  • Stampede - Stage 2 Reward - Sprinting snares nearby targets.
  • Kill Stealer - Stage 3 Reward - Deals increased damage to critical targets.
  • Hero - Stage 4 Reward - When health reaches zero, become immune to damage for a few seconds before dying.

 Battleframe Engineer 24Accord Engineer

  • Base charged pulse generator pulse time changed to 3 seconds.Eng Accord
  • Context: Charged Pulse timing needed to be increased because with the new crafting ranges, we can't go from 2 seconds to 1 second and have that feel good. We wanted some room for crafters to be able to feel the improvement, so now its base timing is 3 seconds and craftable down to 1 second.
Accord Engineer Perks
  • Fuel Injectors - Stage 1 Reward - Increases Jet Energy Recharge.
  • Resonating Shields - Stage 2 Reward - Increases the duration of shield abilities.
  • Mounted Firepower - Stage 3 Reward - Increases damage of deployables.
  • ;Hyper Kinesis Surge - Stage 4 Reward - When HKM is activated, the user gains a speed boost defensive bonus.

 Battleframe Bastion 24Bastion

Eng Bastion Large

Bastion Perks

  • Hardware Genius - Stage 1 Reward - Increases damage dealt to deployables, machines and vehicles.
  • Resilient Alloys - Stage 2 Reward - Increases the health of all deployables.
  • Low Resistivity Kinesis Connectors - Stage 3 Reward - Increases the charge speed of HKM abilities.
  • Deployable Repulsor - Stage 4 Reward - Adds a repulsing device to all deployables that knocks enemies back.

 Battleframe Electron 24Electron

Eng Electron Large

Electron Perks

  • Combustion Boost - Stage 1 Reward - Increases Jump Jet Energy
  • Augmented Shield Generators - Stage 2 Reward - Reduces the cooldown of shield abilities.
  • Instant Module Refreshers - Stage 3 Reward - Activating your HKM instantly resets the cooldown on your abilities.
  • Rapid Kinesis Module - Stage 4 Reward - Significantly increases rate HKM charge rate.

 Battleframe Recon 24Accord Recon

Rec Accord

Accord Recon Perks

  • Head Hunter - Stage 1 Reward - Increases headshot damage.
  • SIN Precision - Stage 2 Reward - Targets placed into SIN are visible behind walls.
  • Tactician - Stage 3 Reward - Increases the effectiveness of buffing and debuffing abilities.
  • Plasma Spikes - Stage 4 Reward - When an ability is activated, drop some a plasma spikes. Enemies in the trap, take damage over time and are slowed.

 Battleframe Nighthawk 24Nighthawk

Rec Nighthawk Large

Nighthawk Perks

  • Ballistics Expert - Stage 1 Reward - Increases bullet damage slightly.
  • Spec. Ops - Stage 2 Reward - Increases the duration of stealth abilities and reduces cooldown of teleport abilities
  • Sure Shot - Stage 3 Reward - After hitting a target, your next shot has an increased rate of fire.
  • Concussion Shells - Stage 4 Reward - Headshots reduce enemy movement speed, attack speed and add a chance to stun targets.

 Battleframe Raptor 24Raptor

Rec Raptor Large

Raptor Perks

  • Grenadier - Stage 1 Reward - Reduces the cooldown of grenade-type abilities.
  • Physicist - Stage 2 Reward - Reduces the charge time of charge-up/spin-up weapons.
  • Energy Shaping - Stage 3 Reward - Changes melee attack into a SIN Blade (Default hotkey: G), which extends melee range and increases melee damage.
  • Burst Shells - Stage 4 Reward - Energy and plasma weapons chain damage to nearby enemies.

Battleframe Progression

  • Battleframe progression has been segregated into stages, to give a less intimidating presentation and path of progression.
  • After completing an entire stage, the next stage can be unlocked, along with a perk that is specific to the Battleframe and stage completed.
  • Mass and Power unlocks grant players the ability to equip heavier or more powerful equipment. The Equipment Resource Pool combines both Mass and Power constraints into a single resource pool equaling 75% of the sum of both constraints. Equipment can be installed using the necessary Mass and Power, so long as the respective constraints are not exceeded and the sum total does not exceed that of the Equipment Resource Pool. In this way players are given the choice on where they are allocating their constraints, whether that be towards support, survivability, or firepower.
  • Power allocation has been disabled and may be reviewed later on if it is required within this iteration.
  • The amount of the Mass constraint used no longer has an effect on the Battleframe's speed.
  • Progressing Battleframes will still require Mineral (Mass constraints), Gas (Power constraints), and Organics (CPU constraints), but in smaller amounts per unlock. Overall the Crystite and Resource cost should be similar to the previous costs from start to max.
  • Crafted progression items will still be required throughout progressing a Battleframe.
  • At Stage II; one item will be required for each of the Tech 10 unlocks (3 in total to complete Stage II)
  • At Stage III; one item will be required for each Tech 12 unlock and two items for each Tech 15 unlock (9 in total to complete Stage III).
  • At Stage IV; one item will be required for each Tech 16, Tech 17, Tech 18 and Tech 19 unlock, and four items for each Tech 20 unlock (24 in total)
  • The Crystite cost for crafting each progression item has been reduced from 10,000 CY to 5,000 CY.
  • The resource cost for crafting each progression item has been reduced from 5,000 resources to 2,500 resources.
  • Existing Battleframes will be converted over to the new progression model. If a Battleframe does not have "even" progression before the patch, it will be limited to the progress in the stage of its minimum constraint. No progress should be lost, though, and the Battleframe can be progressed once the minimum into the new stage has been purchased.

Open World

0 8 1736 Big Brother Vs Tigerclaw
  • Added new wandering encounters to Coral Forest: Wounded Tanken, Distress Call and Crystite Meteorite.
  • Added a new wandering encounter to Diamondhead: Caldera Creche.
  • Removed the Melding Repulsors in the Melding Pockets and pushed the Melding to the limits the Repulsors would be able to push the Melding back. This will increase the amount of playable space in the pockets. The encounters in these areas (such as the Mag Lift in Sargasso Sea) are still accessible.
  • Melding Tornados in Coral Forest should now spawn at Stage II with a chance at spawning at Stage III.
  • Increased the frequency which Crashed Thumpers, Crashed LGVs and "wandering encounters" spawn.
  • Creatures and enemy NPCs of the world have been adjusted so that their stage lines up with the beginning of a stage of a player's progression. For example, a Stage II (Orange) creature is tuned for players at the beginning of Stage II, not the end of Stage II.
  • Daily Achievement progress should now be tracked in Diamondhead, Sargasso Sea and Antarctica.
  • Performed tweaks and polish to various different creature animations.
  • Improved resource node peaks so that they will spawn in better, more accessible play spaces in the open world.
  • Chosen attackers during Incursion events will spawn continuously from drop pods while the Shield Disruptor is active.
  • Chosen units will now harass locked Accord watchtowers.
  • Lowered the amount of time a town is invulnerable to Chosen attacks.
  • The Chosen drop pod events now reward the correct amount of XP upon completion.
  • Adjusted some boss waves of Thumpers so less 'boss' type creatures spawn on easier thumpers.
  • Improved Thumper health scaling depending on their size and whether or not they are Personal or Squad.
  • Resource node peaks have also been adjusted so they should no longer spawn in deep water or Accord-Restricted areas.
  • Resource quality spawning should now match the stage of the zone the nodes are found in.
  • Stage I areas will spawn resources at a quality range of 1 to 150.
  • Stage II areas will spawn resources at a quality range of 75 to 300.
  • Stage III areas will spawn resources at a quality range of 125 to 600.
  • Stage IV areas will spawn resources at a quality range of 250 to 1000.
  • We've made this adjustment so that players will have a more clear idea of what areas to go to in order to attain the resources that can be used at different Tech Stages.


  • Rewards for open world events have been modified.
  • Thumping is intended to be the primary method for gathering resources.
  • ARES missions are intended to be the primary method for earning mostly Crystite with some resources, AMPs and items.
  • Watchtower retakes and defenses are intended to be the method for earning mostly AMPs with a moderate amount of Crystite and some resources and items.
  • The time window for contribution of XP and rewards based on damage now scales with the NPC's or Deployable's maximum health. This is most noticeable on Tornado Shards.


0 8 1736 Tortured Soul
  • Players that have completed their first encounters in Coral Forest (past the Chosen Executioner mission) will be prompted to begin their journey in Firefall's Episodic Campaign!
  • The dropship in Trans Hub Command will take players to their first steps in the story.
  • Five missions will be available to play through at first.
  • Instanced missions can be replayed through the Mission Ledger (Default hotkey: L or Y)
  • Once the first campaign mission is complete, ARES pilots will need to earn Campaign Points to unlock the next step.
  • Earning Rank Points is done by completing different events in the open world, such as invasions, Tower/Point of Interest defenses and recaptures, ARES missions and other events in the open world.
  • Progress can be tracked within the Mission Ledger (Default hotkey: L or Y).
  • Players will be able to invite or join friends on their missions or replays regardless of their campaign progress.


  • Mol PrintNanoprints have been changed so that the 'Stage' of an item now only dictates what stats and how many stats, and the upper limits of those stats can be affected by the crafting process.
  • When using higher 'Stage' nanoprints, the low end output is no longer artificially raised. Nanoprints will now use the full range of quality used when building the item.
  • Blending rounding logic has been tweaked at low quality levels.


  • Removed the SIN Relays from vendors as they are no longer used.
  • Added 'Half-Digested Modules' as loot drops. These can be salvaged for Research Points.
  • Added functionality in the Marketplace to sort listings by item name.
  • 7 Day and 30 Day VIP Packs have been added to the Vending Machines - try your luck at winning one of these packs!


  • There are no longer explicit stages for equipment.
  • The 1-1000 curve of gear has been split up to approximate stages.
  • 'Stage I' top end is 125 quality.
  • 'Stage II' top end is 250 quality.
  • 'Stage III' top end is 500 quality.
  • 'Stage IV; top end is 1000 quality.
  • Equipment can be used on a Battleframe regardless of its "Stage," as long as there are enough free constraints to equip the item.Constraint costs on equipment has been changed for equipment. Items with extremely high stats will consume constraints exponentially. What this does is allow extremely high power weapons or abilities to be equipped, but it will cost a great amount of constraints. This will allow players to have more choice in the stats they care about while also giving them choice in what kind of sacrifices will and won't be made to achieve their desired loadout.

Repairing Equipment

  • Repairing equipment now has multiple tiers. The higher the tier used in repairing items, less of the repair pool will be used, but at a higher cost of Crystite. The base level of repairing remains at 0 cost of Crystite for repairing items at a 1:1 ratio (as it existed prior to this change).Repair
  • Repair Level 0: Crystite Cost: 0; Repair Pool Cost: 100% (The Repair Pool will be used to fill the Durability pool at a 1:1 ratio)
  • Repair Level 1: Crystite Cost: 1x; Repair Pool Cost: 75% (The Repair Pool will be used to fill the Durability Pool at a 0.75:1 ratio)
  • Repair Level 2: Crystite Cost: 5x; Repair Pool Cost: 55% (The Repair Pool will be used to fill the Durability Pool at a 0.55:1 ratio)
  • Repair Level 3: Crystite Cost: 25x; Repair Pool Cost: 40% (The Repair Pool will be used to fill the Durability Pool at a 0.40:1 ratio)
  • Repair Level 4: Crystite Cost: 125x; Repair Pool Cost: 30% (The Repair Pool will be used to fill the Durability Pool at a 0.30:1 ratio)
  • Repair Level 5: Crystite Cost: 625x; Repair Pool Cost: 25% (The Repair Pool will be used to fill the Durability Pool at a 0.25:1 ratio)
  • Example of repairing a piece of equipment.
  • Equipment: Overcharge I. Durability Pool: 575/1000 (425 Durability will be repaired). Repair Pool: 5109/5109.
  • Repairing Durability Pool to 1000/1000
  • Level 0 Repair: Crystite Cost: 0; Repair Pool Cost: 100%. End Result of Repair Pool: 4684/5109.
  • Level 1 Repair: Crystite Cost: 425 CY (1x); Repair Pool Cost: 75%. End Result of Repair Pool: 4790/5109.
  • Level 2 Repair: Crystite Cost: 2,125 CY (5x); Repair Pool Cost: 55%. End Result of Repair Pool: 4875/5109.
  • Level 3 Repair: Crystite Cost: 10,625 CY (25x); Repair Pool Cost: 40%. End Result of Repair Pool: 4938/5109.
  • Level 4 Repair: Crystite Cost: 53,125 CY (125x); Repair Pool Cost: 30%. End Result of Repair Pool: 4981/5109.
  • Level 5 Repair: Crystite Cost: 265,625 CY (625x); Repair Pool Cost: 25%. End Result of Repair Pool: 5002/5109.

Prestige and Salvaging

  • As a piece of equipment is used, it earns prestige. The longer its life, the more prestige it earns. Using high levels of repair can extend the life of an item, thus increasing its prestige.Salvage
  • The level of prestige an item has determines the kind of rewards that item will potentially yield when salvaged. At a basic level, items should always yield an amount of Crystite and some Research Points, which can be used to advance your professions.
  • Among some of the rare rewards, items with a very high amount of prestige have a very small chance to yield a one-time use nanoprint for a crafted piece of equipment, or an even smaller chance for a permanent lifetime unlock of a nanoprint for a crafted piece of equipment.
  • To salvage a piece of equipment, open up the inventory, right click on the item meant to be salvaged, and select the 'Salvage' option.
  • This will bring up a new window displaying the item's prestige rank and estimated output, as well as allow the action of salvaging.


  • Added three professions: Weapon Production, Frame Module Production and Ability Production.
  • Added a section for 'General Knowledge' which anyone can research regardless of their profession.
  • The Weapon Production profession concentrates in manufacturing all signature and secondary weapons.
  • The Frame Module Production profession concentrates in manufacturing Battleframe items such as Servos, Jumpjets, Plating and Hyper Kinesis Modules (HKMs).
  • The Ability Production profession concentrates in manufacturing non-HKM Battleframe abilities.Research
  • In General Knowledge, players can upgrade their Thumper research, Refining research or Inventory upgrades.
  • Researching new technologies will require Research Points, which can be gained through salvaging equipment.
  • Players are able to switch professions at a cost. Any progress made in previous professions will be saved should the player choose to return to a profession they already put research into.
  • A profession respec will remove all current professions, allowing the player to select a new profession. There is no cost for adding a profession.
  • Profession respec costs start a 1,000 Crystite or 10 Red Beans. Each paid respec done in the previous 30 days will increase the cost by 5x Crystite or 2x Red Beans. For example:
  • First respec within 30 days: 1,000 Crystite or 10 Red Beans.
  • Second respec within 30 days: 5,000 Crystite or 20 Red Beans.
  • Third respec within 30 days: 25,000 Crystite or 40 Red Beans.
  • If a profession respec does not occur in 30 days, the costs for a respec will drop back down.
  • All players will begin with one free respec, which will not increase costs when used, but will be used first (meaning that the free respec cannot be saved for when costs are high).

Professions UI

  • The following gestures can be used when navigating the Professions/Research interface:
  • Scroll wheel up: zoom in.
  • Scroll wheel down: zoom out.
  • Left click and hold: move the mouse to pan around the screen.
  • Left click on the flask icon to automatically send a research job to the Molecular Printer.
  • Navigate back to the opening screen of the Molecular Printer by clicking on the double back arrow in the upper left corner.


MailMail System

  • Introducing our new mail system! To bring up the mailbox interface, press B (Default).
  • The mailbox system will allow players to compose and receive text messages.
  • Items purchased on the Marketplace will be delivered to the player in the mailbox.
  • Crystite from sales made on the Marketplace will be delivered to the player in the mailbox.

Chat IconChat

  • Army invite notifications have been moved out of the Broadcast channel and are now in the Notifications channel.
  • Army invites will now trigger a HUD Notification (similar to squad invites) for ease of accepting or declining invites to armies.
  • Many options have been moved out of interface options and into right click menus on the chat panel config button and tab buttons.
  • Added options to make new tabs, delete tabs, rename tabs, rearrange tabs and delete Chat Panels.
  • Added the ability to move tabs to new or existing chat panels (exception: Primary Chat Panel can't be deleted, and the first tab on that panel can't be moved or deleted).
  • Chat Panels are now resizable by clicking and dragging on the edge of the panel.
  • Chat font size can now be adjusted via Interface Options.
  • All chat options now get applied retroactively.
  • Changed the "Combat" tab into "Log" and moved the radio messages into the "Log" tab.
  • Added an Officer chat for armies that commanders and officers can utilize for communication.
  • Added Item Links to chat that can be moused over to see a popup tooltip, left clicked to see a stickied tooltip, and right clicked to re-link. Right click on an item in inventory to add a link into the chat box.
  • Player names in chat are now clickable to get a context menu for actions you can do with that player (such as whisper, friend invite, squad invite, ignore, etc.).
  • Added a Player Name autocomplete feature for slash commands that require a name be supplied (such as /whisper <name> or /invite <name>, etc.).
  • Added emoticons to chat.
  • Smile - :) or :-)
  • Frown - :( or :-(
  • Wink - ;) or ;-)
  • Cry - :'( :,( :'-( or :,-(
  • WinkTongue - ;P ;p ;-P or ;-p
  • Excited - :D or :-D
  • Shocked - :o :O :-o or :-O
  • ExcitedWink - ;D or ;-D
  • Added the option to disable emoticons.
  • Using the 'Esc' key should function more logically when chatting.
  • The 'Award' chat channel has been segregated into 'Vending' and 'Achievement' channels.
  • Added an alias system with support for linking the ARES pilot's current location, personal waypoint and squad waypoint in a chat channel.
  • ;loc will create a link to the ARES pilot's current location.
  • ;wp will create a link to the ARES pilot's personal waypoint.
  • ;swp will create a link to that ARES pilot's squad waypoint.
  • The link created will allow other ARES pilots to set a waypoint to the location linked, or squad waypoints if they are a squad leader.

User Interface

  • Updated currency icons.
  • Increased visibility and readability for waypoints.
  • Added some performance improvements for the overview map.
  • Added animated mechanical arms to the Garage background.
  • Squad User Interface can now be clicked to access a player contextual menu for the player clicked.
  • System Icon HUD panel was made smaller and moved to be horizontal and below the radar.
  • Vehicle collisions will now make hit feedback effects that are yellow.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

  • Modified the HUD to a new, 3D style.
  • Added three additional slots for calldowns or consumables (now 4 in total).
  • Drag and drop calldowns or consumables from your inventory into the new slots!
  • Hyper Kinesis Module (HKM) bar has been modified and now displays around the HKM ability on the HUD as it is charging. The HKM button will remain greyed out until the charge is full.
  • Abilities that create deployables also have a new display to better illustrate their status.
  • Health and ammo are displayed under the HUD in a graphical representation as well as numbers.
  • The Health display should now only pulse when the ARES pilot takes a large amount of damage.

Mission Ledger

  • The Mission Ledger (Default keys: L or Y) will be replacing the ATLAS interface.
  • Within the Mission Ledger, players can track their progress in the Firefall Episodic Campaign, Daily Missions, and Achievements.

Battleframe Garage

Garage Screen
  • XP, resources and Crystite available are now displayed beneath the constraint unlocks.
  • Upgrading Battleframe Constraints has been changed.
  • Each stage has been visually separated. The prominent display will be of the stage the ARES pilot is currently progressing their Battleframe through.
  • Above the constraint unlocks, there is a visual display of the ARES pilot's overall progression with their Battleframe.
  • There are five unlocks per constraint within a stage (fifteen unlocks total within a stage). All fifteen unlocks must be completed before advancing to the next stage and unlocking a perk specific to the Battleframe and stage.
  • The Equipment Resource Pool displays how much the current equipped gear is using of both constraints combined, as well as the maximum allowed based on current progression.
  • Unlocking each constraint will display a tooltip explaining the latest unlock (can be toggled off).
  • Updated the graphic used when syncing with SIN in the Garage.

Crafting Interface

Crafting Screen
  • Updated the Crafting User Interface.
  • Upon interacting with a Molecular Printer, the crafter will be brought to a page that shows their manufacturing slots only. Upon selecting 'New Job' at an empty crafting workbench, four options appear: Manufacturing, Refining, Research and Blending.
  • Manufacturing equipment will still display a tree on the side. When selecting the item desired to craft, a window will slide out showing the recipe.
  • For each required component, click on the empty component and select 'Build New'.
  • Select the desired resources for the subcomponent.
  • Setting resources for each subcomponent should not move you from the root window of the item.
  • Once all desired subcomponents are in place, review the preview to ensure it is the desired output.
  • Subcomponent resources can be modified by selecting the subcomponent once more and adjusting its inputs.
  • Selecting 'Build' will create the item in a single manufacturing job.


  • Added support for aim left and aim right keys.
  • Keybindings for vehicles are now separated from combat keybindings.

Red Bean Cafe

Rbstore Screen
  • Added a Red Bean Storefront that can be accessed by pressing 'Esc' and selecting the Store button at the top of the screen.
  • The Red Bean Store is an area where you can view all items available for purchase, with a preview for cosmetics.
  • Items can be purchased directly from the Red Bean Store.
  • In the Red Bean Store, players are also able to sort, filter and search for items.
  • Wishlists can be created so that players can save items that they may want to purchase later.

Click here for the list of bugfixes!