It’s a typical day for seventeen-year-old Pilgrim Entwhistle: she sleeps late, fights with her mom, and gets pulled over for going a little fast on her motorcycle.

Today should be extraordinary: the Arclight is set to attempt the first faster-than-light space travel. They call it The Fold. The whole world – our strange, future Earth – waits excitedly for the moment to arrive.

But Pilgrim’s got other things on her mind. She’s an Affinite, after all – someone with telepathic tendencies — and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Her scientist mom invented a device for mind-to-mind communication, and keeps testing it on her; while her billionaire dad uses his own Affinity for power and shady business deals.

Her parents are also divorced, and really hate each other. It’s enough to make a girl get a mohawk.

Then the Fold goes wrong. The Arclight crashes. Something follows it back to Earth: an alien substance, set to consume and destroy.

Things look pretty bad.

For Pilgrim, though, it’s the kind of world-ending crisis she was born for …