Patch Notes for v0.8.1745

Battleframes Combat

• Reduced the cooldown of melee from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.

• Heal numbers will no longer appear over a target's head when they are at full health.

 Battleframe Dragonfly 24Dragonfly

• The Rally tooltip has been updated to accurately reflect the ability's behavior.

 Battleframe Arsenal 24Arsenal

• Added a crafting component that can be used to modify Particle Beam's cooldown.

 Battleframe Engineer 24Accord Engineer

• The amount of health the Charged Pulse Generator has can now be modified in crafting starting at Tech II.

 Battleframe Electron 24Electron

• Time between shots on the Shock Rail have been increased from 600 milliseconds to 1000 milliseconds.

• Shock Rail damage per round has been increased from 200 to 400 (base).
o The net effect of these changes will result in the Shock Rail having 400 base effective DPS, up from 333.
• Increased the range of Shock Rail from 80 meters to 120 meters.
• The Shock Rail's alternate fire projectile's damage has been adjusted to 80% of the primary fire.Eng Electron Small
• The alternate fire projectile can no longer be shot for additional damage.
• The alternate fire projectile speed has been increased from 15 meters per second to 45 meters per second.
• Fail-Safe has been removed and is replaced by a new passive: Dynamic Relay.
• Dealing damage causes the Electron to gain a bonus to shielding ability for 5 seconds (+10% to shields base).
• Shielding an ally causes the Electron to gain a bonus to its rate of fire for 5 seconds (+10% rate of fire base).
• Bulwark has been reworked and now erupts from the Electron, shelding itself and all allies within 6 meters.
• Added an optional component for crafting Bulwark to give it the behavior of the previous iteration.
• Increased the minimum cooldown of Boomerang Shot to 10 seconds.
• Slightly increased the range of Boomerang Shot.
• In addition to dealing damage to enemies it passes through, Boomerang Shot will also shield allies it passes through. Boomerang Shot's shield lasts 5 seconds and absorbs 500 damage (base).
• Note: Bulwark and Boomerang Shot shields currently stack.
• Electrical Storm is now a single-stage activation. Activating the HKM fires the storm out immediately, as opposed to having to activate the ability once to fire the projectile, and a second time to detonate the projectile, creating the Electrical Storm.

 Battleframe Recon 24Accord Recon

• The splash radius of the R36 when using Eruption Rounds (Nighthawk HKM) has been reduced from 4 meters to 1 meter (base).

 Battleframe Nighthawk 24Nighthawk

• Eruption Rounds now has a craftable duration starting at 10 seconds.

Open World

• Crystal Skull Pirates have been spotted in New Eden! These special enemies can only be found at special times. Killing Crystal Skull Pirates or completing their encounter has a chance of awarding you with their special Crystal Skull Helment New You Unlock.
• /duel now supports chat's autocomplete feature.
• The option to duel will now appear in player contextual menus.
• Storm Kestrels are more vulnerable to vehicular damage.
• Adjusted the Manufacturing Info Bot to give the proper information when inquiring about resource collection.


• When multiple people in a squad need to complete the first mission, everyone gets credit along with the squad leader.
• Gliderpad calldowns have been disabled inside instances.


• Weapons should now display the proper paint shop customizations while in the Garage.

User Interface

• Disabled the 'Perks' button for locked battleframes.
• Helmets in the New You now display with the currently equipped Battleframe's warpaint.
• The cost of respecing professions should now be more clearly displayed.
• Added a comma separator for the Crystite count in the inventory panel.


• Updated vehicle seat keybindings in the options menu.
• Shotcut keybindings now still work while in mouse mode.

Bug Fixes

• Fixed an issue where players could not click 'Accept' when switching to Borderless Window in the Video options.

Battleframes & Combat

• The flashlight for HMG variants should now be properly aligned.
• Fixed an issue where the charge-up UI element would not display for weapons that require spin-up or charge-up (HMGs, Tesla).
• Adjusted the description of Healing Ball to say that it deals damage to enemies (previously stated NPC's).
• Fixed an issue where the Overclocking Station buff's refresh would reset a player's firing status.
• Fixed an issue where when using the Chemical Chamber on the Thermal Cannon it would use the Storm Chamber visual effects for the explosion.
• Activating SIN Scrambler should now properly only play one sound effect.
• Overclocking Station's buff visual effects should now correctly display on players for the duration of the buff.
• SIN Blade in first person view should now display properly.

Open World

• Adjusted the Bandits' nameplates in the Road Ambush encounter to read 'Bandit' as opposed to 'Tanken.'
• Adjusted the Road Ambush reward name 'Tanken Loot' to be 'Bandit Loot.'
• Fixed an issue where Chosen were spawning under stairs in a bunker, affecting their ability to attack players.
• Fixed an issue where melee creatures would move too much once they've arrived at their target.
• The sound of the Melding getting pushed back in Northern Shores should play at its proper volume now.


• Fixed an issue where players' cameras were getting stuck after the fly-in of Campaign missions 1 and 5.

• Modified the terrain near Oilspill's dropship in the first mission so players can no longer get stuck.
• Fixed an issue with Typhon's pathing in the new user experience.


• Removed the Crystite Boost from the description of Boost Crates as they were not intended to be a part of Boost Crates.

User Interface

• After repairing equipment, any equipment that is not equipped will now correctly update.
• Refining twice in a row should no longer freeze the Firefall client.
• Fixed an issue where the rewards screens for Cliff's Edge, Tanken Cave, Thump Dump Invasion, and Chosen Death Squad were not showing stats properly.
• Stabilization Subroutines now properly show their values as percentages in tooltips.
• Players should now be able to purchase perk respecs.