Ico Tigerclaw

Omnidyne-M Tigerclaw

Duck and Dodge

Ass Tigerclaw Large

Birthed from necessity, the Omnidyne OD-M7 “Tigerclaw” was designed with speed and maneuverability in mind in order to compensate for the ever-evolving battlefield. To give the operator more maneuverability, the Tigerclaw is built with lightweight components which can’t take the same punishment as some other Assault alternatives.

Omnidyne-M Tigerclaw Abilities

The Tigerclaw was designed to allow its operator to move quickly across the battlefield while making only minimal sacrifices to firepower. The Tigerclaw is also capable of battlefield support for its allies.

Exclusive Perk (Passive) - Auxiliary Tanks - When the Tigerclaw activates an ability, it will gain a boost to energy regeneration for a short time.

Missile Shot - After activation, the Tigerclaw's next shot travels at an accelerated speed and deals increased splash damage.

Trail Blaze - The Tigerclaw discharges a trail of energy forward. When passing through this trail, the Tigerclaw and its allies receive a brief increase in movement speed.

Disruption Wave - Launches a small energy projectile which traps an enemy within an energy field while also inflicting a small amount of damage.

Tether Field (HKM) - When launched, Tether Field will detonate to create a large energy field. While the energy field is not lethal, anything that attempts to leave it will be severely hindered.

Omnidyne-M Tigerclaw Weaponry
Thundercat Weaponry

Omnidyne-M has outfitted the Tigerclaw with a Type-5 Fusion Cannon, a lightweight alternative to the Accord’s Plasma Cannon. While the Fusion Cannon packs a formidable punch, it suffers from a very minor area of impact, minimally affecting groups of enemies. This problem is remedied by the Fusion Cannon’s alternate fire, which sends a plasma projectile on a flat trajectory which detonates for a larger area of effect.