Ico Nighthawk

Omnidyne-M Nighthawk

Plucking the Feathers off a Bird

Rec Nighthawk Large

Designed to have its presence felt without ever being seen on the battlefield, the Omnidyne OD-R02 “Nighthawk” specializes in staying far behind the front lines to pick off enemies with its powerful rifle and evasive systems.

Omnidyne-M Nighthawk Abilities

Example Abilities:
Remote Explosive

Example Abilities:
Execute Shot

Example Abilities:
Smoke Screen

Example Abilities:
Eruption Rounds

Ability 0021 Satchel Charge

Ability 0022 Execute Shot

Ability 0020 Smoke Screen

Ability 0019 Eruption Rounds

The Nighthawk is not designed to engage in close-quarters combat, and is instead optimized for combat at range.

Exclusive Perk (Passive) - Ambush - When the Nighthawk is not in enemy SIN, it deals extra damage. The effect can only occur once every 30 seconds.

Execute Shot - A specialized round for the Nighthawk’s sniper rifle, the Execute Shot is capable of taking out enemy combatants without incapacitation.

Remote Explosive - An explosive which sticks to any surface, including enemies. This charge is then detonated at the Recon’s discretion.

Smoke Screen - The Recon can deploy a smoke grenade to conceal its position, while hiding allies within the cloud from enemy SIN.

Eruption Rounds (HKM) - The Bolt Action Sniper Rifle can also be loaded with special Eruption Rounds, which explode either upon impact or when they come within proximity of an enemy.

Omnidyne-M Nighthawk Weaponry

Nighthawk Weaponry

The Nighthawk’s Bolt Action Sniper Rifle has a very slow rate of fire, but its impact is devastating. A headshot from the Nighthawk’s rifle will put down anything in its way. The addition of a scope increases its effective range.