Ico Mammoth

Omnidyne-M Mammoth

Practically Indestructible

Dre Mammoth Large

Initially developed in hopes of replacing the aging Accord Dreadnaught, the Omnidyne Mammoth provides unrivaled protection against everything short of anti-aircraft fire. In addition to its heavy plating, the Mammoth is also built with several state-of-the-art defensive systems which not only benefit its operator, but allies on the battlefield as well.

Omnidyne-M Mammoth Abilities

The Mammoth is built to withstand the punishment of an entire army, and to that end can deploy several defensive systems designed to minimize enemy impact.

Exclusive Perk - Imminent Threat - Enemies near the Mammoth take additional damage from all sources.

Thunderdome - When deployed, a dome of protective energy is erected over the Mammoth that protects anyone within from enemy fire. Allies can pass freely in and out of the dome.

Shield Wall - A static wall of protective energy is erected in front of the Mammoth, protecting it from enemy fire while allowing the Mammoth to fire through it. Allies behind the wall are also partially shielded.

Teleport Shot - A personal arcport device that can be deployed by the Mammoth. Once it lands, the Mammoth will teleport to that location. This also damages enemies that the Teleport Shot impacts against.

Tremors (HKM) - The Mammoth’s emergency contingency is referred to as Tremors, in which the battleframe emits a series of seismic waves for several seconds. These waves drive enemies back while also causing injury and slowing their movements.

Omnidyne-M Mammoth Weaponry

Mammoth Weaponry

The Mammoth is armed with a Heavy Plasma Machine Gun, which fires plasma rounds at a very high rate of fire. These rounds explode on impact, causing minor injury to enemies near the target. The alternate fire for the HPMG fires a shotgun burst of plasma rounds perfect for punishing anyone who strays too close.