Ico Mammoth

Omnidyne-M Mammoth

Practically Indestructible

Dre Mammoth Large

Initially developed in hopes of replacing the aging Accord Dreadnaught, the Mammoth provides unrivaled protection against everything short of anti-aircraft fire. Given the Mammoth is an advanced form of the Accord’s standard Dreadnaught; it has access to its abilities and weaponry as well as its own advanced kit.

Omnidyne-M Mammoth Abilities

Thunderdome – When deployed, a dome of protective energy is erected over the Mammoth that protects anyone within from enemy fire or trap enemies for a short duration. Allies can pass freely in and out of the dome.

Gravity Pull – The Mammoth pulls enemies ahead towards itself, dealing damage to the hostiles in the process.

Ultimate: Dreadfield – Unleash a field of energy around the Mammoth that weakens enemies within, reducing the damage dealt by enemies and damages them over time.

Omnidyne-M Mammoth Weaponry

Mammoth Weaponry

The Mammoth’s signature weapon, the Rotary Blaster, fires high caliber explosive rounds that explode and deal damage in a small area upon impact.