Ico Dragonfly

Omnidyne-M Dragonfly

A Healing Hand

Bio Dragonfly Large

Designed by Omnidyne-M to be the ultimate in combat support, the OD-B9 “Dragonfly” Biotech battleframe is without equal in regards to combatant health. While it lacks truly devastating offensive firepower, it more than makes up for it with several systems designed by Omnidyne-M’s top scientists to ensure that battlefield health is never compromised.

Omnidyne-M Dragonfly Abilities

The Dragonfly was designed with the absolute latest in medical technology. Its cutting-edge systems make it head-and-shoulders the preferred battleframe for soldiers placing medical support over combat.

Exclusive Perk - Rally - In order to help solidify the Dragonfly's role as a combat medic, Rally will give the Dragonfly bonus damage after successfully healing other ARES pilots, and also grants bonus healing after successfully damaging enemies.

Healing Ball - Targeted at allies, the Dragonfly can fire a ball of concentrated energy which will explode on impact and revitalize any ally caught in its blast while also damaging enemies.

Healing Pillar - Similar to the Healing Ball, only this strikes against the ground to create a circle which erupts in a pillar of energy which heals any ally passing through it and damages any enemies caught in the blast.

Emergency Response - When a soldier requires medical attention quickly, the Dragonfly is capable of projecting itself across the battlefield at high speeds. The trail of gas left behind heals allies who walk through it.

Healing Dome (HKM) - The Dragonfly emanates a field of energy from itself, healing allies that are within the field as well as granting those allies within the field a damage bonus.

Omnidyne-M Dragonfly Weaponry

Dragonfly Weaponry

The Omnidyne-M OD-BR BioRifle is the weapon of choice for the Dragonfly, capable of firing off energy projectiles at a high rate of fire to keep the enemy at bay. The alternate fire for the BioRifle is a small-scale Heal Wave, which does moderate restoration to allies and small damage to enemies.