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Omnidyne-M Bastion

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The Omnidyne OD-E12 “Bastion” is Omnidyne-M’s answer to the Accord Engineer, with an added emphasis on being a defensive specialist. To aid in its efforts, the Bastion is stocked with several deployable electronics which can protect its allies and turn the tide of any fight.

Omnidyne-M Bastion Abilities

Example Abilities:

Example Abilities:
Sentinel Pod

Example Abilities:
Energy Wall

Example Abilities:

Ability 0026 Multi Turret

Ability 0024 Sentinel Pod

Ability 0025 Energy Wall

Ability 0023 Fortify

Specializing in defensive deployable items gives the Bastion the advantage of essentially having a presence in multiple locations on the battlefield at one time. This makes the Bastion uniquely capable, even among other Engineer frames.

Exclusive Perk (Passive) - Overseer - Bastion causes its nearby deployables to take reduced damage from all sources.

Multi-Turrets - The Bastion is capable of deploying multiple turrets across the battlefield. These turrets can be upgraded to provide different forms of weapons fire.

Sentinel Pod - While the primary purpose of the Sentinel Pod is to repair allied turrets and other deployed electronics, it can also siphon energy from nearby enemies to inflict minor damage.

Energy Wall - The Bastion can also fire a projectile that, when detonated, erects a large impenetrable Energy Wall.

Fortify (HKM) - The Bastion is able to reinforce the structural integrity of all deployed electronics within range, restoring their energy and increasing their output for a brief period.

Omnidyne-M Bastion Weaponry

Engineer Weaponry

The Bastion is equipped with a standard-issue Sticky Grenade Launcher which fires grenades which can be detonated remotely for a short period before they explode on their own.