Customizing Your Loadout

Battleframes and Leveling

In Firefall, your character wears a powered exoskeleton known as a battleframe.  The battleframe you wear decides what weapons and abilities you can use while you have it equipped (making them analogous to classes in other games).  There are five general battleframe archetypes:

  • Assault:  Fast moving close-quarters combat frames with a lot of AOE damage.
  • Dreadnaught:  High-HP tanks armed with powerful machine guns.
  • Biotech : Versatile battleframes with a wide variety of healing abilities.
  • Recon : Long range snipers who excel at dealing large amounts of damage.
  • Engineer : Battleframes that utilize an array of deployable turrets and stations.

Within each of the five archetypes, there are several different battleframes, each with their own abilities and signature weapons, adding up to a total of 16 available battleframes.  You start with access to the 5 basic Accord battleframes, one of each archetype, and must unlock the 11 "advanced" battleframes in order to use them.

A single character can wear any battleframe they want, meaning there is no need to create multiple characters to play multiple classes.  Switching battleframes is as simple as going to a Battleframe Station and choosing one of your other unlocked frames.  

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

As you play the game, you gain experience on the frame you are wearing, and as you gain more experience that frame grows in level, increasing your health and power rating and allowing you to equip more powerful equipment.  Each battleframe you own has its own individual level.

Power rating is a very important stat in Firefall.  All weapons, abilities, and modules you equip have their own power rating, and the power rating of everything you have equipped gets added up to get your total power rating.  You start with 100 power rating, and for every 1 point of power rating beyond that, the damage and healing done by all of your weapons and abilities is increased by 1%.  This means that if you put a module with 10 power into your weapon, you will do 10% more damage with both of your weapons as well as all of your abilities.

Battleframe Garage

The Battleframe Garage is where you make changes to your battleframe’s loadout and appearance. You can access the Battleframe Garage through any of the Battleframe Garage stations located throughout New Eden.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

Equipping gear in the Battleframe Garage is as easy as simply dragging and dropping it from your inventory on the left onto the appropriate slot of your battleframe on the right. Similarly, modules can be equipped by simply dragging them onto the item you want to slot them into.

The Battleframe Garage is also where you can equip the various perks that you unlock by levelling up different battleframes. To equip them, simply click on the “Perks” tab at the top of the window, and then drag any perks you wish to use from the left side over to the right. Remember to double check that you have enough available perk points to equip the perk you want!

To repair damaged equipment, simply click the “Repair” button on the right side of the garage. From there you can select what gear you want to repair and see how much it will cost to repair each individual one.

You can access the Battleframe Garage interface at any time by pressing P (by default), which lets you equip new gear or slot new modules from anywhere in the world. However, you must access an actual garage to be able to change your perks, repair your equipment, or access the Paint Shop.

Customize Your Paintjob

The Battleframe Garage also allows you to personalize the appearance of your Battleframe with unique paint jobs and emblems! To access the Paint Shop, click the button on the right hand side marked "Paint Shop." From inside the Paint Shop you can customize your Battleframe’s appearance by selecting different warpaints and patterns, and adding your own decals.

  • Warpaints – The general color scheme for your Battleframe, consisting of many different color combinations and themes.
  • Armor Pattern – Set your armor in a unique camouflage-style pattern to help you stand out even more.
  • Bodysuit Pattern – Select a pattern for the bodysuit you wear underneath your Battleframe.
  • Decals – Choose from an ever-expanding library of images to adorn on your Battleframe.

Certain elements of your Battleframe’s appearance, like armor patterns and decals, can be moved around using the arrow layout that appears when you select an element. You can also increase or decrease the size of certain elements, as well as rotate them to your liking.

Time to Meet the New You…

New You stations allow you to customize the physical appearance of your character by offering different hairstyles and colors, eye colors, facial hair styles, etc. The New You station is also the location you go to in order to equip the different masks, hats, and other wearable items you’ve purchased or acquired.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

Activate the New You station by pressing E (by default). You can also access the New You interface from the Battleframe Garage. Once you’re in the New You menu, you will be presented with a list of the different categories of items you can change.  Click on any of the categories to be presented with a list of the available items that fit in that category.

If you don’t already own an item, you can preview what it will look like the in New You before buying it, allowing you to make sure that an item you’re thinking about getting goes together with the rest of your cosmetics.