Customizing Your Battleframe

Experience and Leveling a Battleframe

You earn Experience Points (XP) by completing missions/dynamic events, killing enemies, or engaging in Player-vs-Player combat. The XP you earn can then be spent on upgrading your Battleframe, buying additional constraints, allowing you to equip new abilities and equipment.

Access your Battleframe constraints and equipment via the Battleframe Garage.

Battleframe Garage

The Battleframe Garage is where you make changes to your Battleframe’s loadout and appearance. You can access the Battleframe Garage through any of the Battleframe Garage stations located throughout New Eden.

To modify the loadout of your Battleframe, move your mouse cursor over the desired area you wish to change and left-click. A small menu will appear with different items that you can modify. Clicking on an item will show the different upgrades available to you, and you can hover your mouse to see a comparison of the different components. Once you select your upgrade, right-click to go back a menu.

When selecting components or other upgradeable equipment, be sure to pay attention to the Core, Power, and Mass meters. These are your constraints, and you will be unable to save any Battleframe configuration that exceeds their allotted Core, Power, or Mass usage. You can modify your Cores, Power, and Mass limits by earning XP and spending that XP to unlock additional constraints.

Customize Your Paintjob

The Battleframe Garage also allows you to personalize the appearance of your Battleframe with unique paint jobs and emblems! To access the Paint Shop, click the small icon of the Top Hat and Van-Dyke beard. From inside the Paint Shop you can customize your Battleframe’s appearance by selecting different warpaints and patterns, and adding your own decals.

  • Warpaints – The general color scheme for your Battleframe, consisting of many different color combinations and themes.
  • Armor Pattern – Set your armor in a unique camouflage-style pattern to help you stand out even more.
  • Bodysuit Pattern – Select a pattern for the bodysuit you wear underneath your Battleframe.
  • Decals – Choose from an ever-expanding library of images to adorn on your Battleframe.

Certain elements of your Battleframe’s appearance, like armor patterns and decals, can be moved around using the arrow layout that appears when you select an element. You can also increase or decrease the size of certain elements, as well as rotate them to your liking.

Time to Meet the New You…

New You stations allow you to customize the physical appearance of your character by offering different hairstyles and colors, eye colors, facial hair styles, etc. The New You station is also the location you go to in order to equip the different masks, hats, and other wearable items you’ve purchased or acquired.

Activate the New You station by pressing E (by default). Once you’re in the New You menu, you’ll have the option of clicking either your Head or your Body, and each option allows you to change different things.

Clicking the body allows you to change your skin color and your character’s voice. Clicking your Head will give you options for changing your hair, eyes, and even your entire face. Your Head is also where you can purchase (using Red Beans) and equip a wide range of eyewear, hats, masks, and other aesthetic items.