Crystite is the most basic currency in Firefall. Almost any activity that you participate in will give you Crystite in some quantity, and most of the purchases you make that are directly tied to your progression will require it. The primary uses for Crystite include researching recipes for crafting items, actually crafting those items, and repairing any broken battleframe gear.

Red Beans

Red Beans are the “real money” currency of Firefall. They can be bought off of our website and have a wide range of functions. The Red Bean Store allows you to spend Red Beans on a variety of things including cosmetic items, boosts, reusable vehicles, and more. Red Beans are also used to buy VIP, which provides you access to a number of bonuses like boosts, extra crafting slots, and a special glider pad. You can also use Red Beans to instantly finish any crafting, refining, or researching job that you start in the molecular printer, with the cost depending on the length of the job.


Credits are the currency of “luxuries,” functioning as the currency for player-to-player transactions through the marketplace, as well as for a number of convenience functions such as fast travelling to any town you have visited within your current zone, self-reviving yourself when you get downed, and un-slotting modules from an item without destroying them. Credits are gained by “selling” Crystite to the Accord; they will buy 25 Crystite for 1 Credit up to 1000 Credits per day, resetting at midnight GMT.

The other important function of Credits is that they provide a way for you to get Red Beans without paying real money via the Credit Exchange. On the Credit Exchange, you can buy Red Beans from other players with Credits, or sell your own Red Beans to make Credits beyond the daily conversion limit.

Campaign Tokens

Campaign Tokens are an end-game currency used to purchase level 40 weapons, modules, and other items from vendors located in Kanaloa Research Station in Devil's Tusk. Each day, the first time you successfully complete Operation: Miru or any "Hardcore" Campaign mission, you will receive one Campaign Token. This means you can gain up to 7 Campaign Tokens each day (resetting at 0:00 GMT).