In Firefall, there are a number of different boosts you can acquire to speed up your progression through the world. This page is to help you learn about what all of the different boosts are and how they stack with one another.

There are three basic types of boost that you can acquire:

  • Experience (XP) Boosts: Increase the Experience you gain from all sources.
  • Reputation Boosts: Increase the amount of Reputation you get from all sources.
  • Crystite Boosts: Increase the amount of Crystite you get from loot drops and mission rewards.

Along with these three different types, there are also several different categories that boosts are divided into. Boosts will stack with any boosts that are from a different category, but boosts of the same type within the same category will not stack, and only the larger of the two will be effective (e.g. if you have a 10% XP boost and a 25% XP boost from the same category, only the 25% XP boost will be effective).  Boosts that are of different types but within the same category do not affect each other at all (having both an XP boost and a Reputation boost from the same category will not prevent either from working).  The different categories and the boosts they contain are as follows.

VIP Boosts

Anyone with an active VIP membership benefits from these boosts, and they all stack with any other boosts you acquire. The boosts are:

  • +25% XP
  • +25% Reputation
  • +25% Crystite

Red Bean Store Boosts

There are two boosts that you can buy directly from the in-game Red Bean Store for 10 Red Beans each. Both of these boosts last one hour and activate immediately upon purchase, and both stack with all other boosts.  If you buy a second Red Bean Store boost while your first one is still active, it will add an hour to the remaining duration (as opposed to overwriting the already active one).  The boosts available from the Red Bean Store are:

  • +100% XP for one hour
  • +100% Reputation for one hour

Temporary Boosts

Temporary Boosts is the widest category of boosts, including a variety of different boosts of different types. Remember that boosts of the same type (XP, Rep, or Crystite) from within this category do not stack with each other. The boosts in this category are:

  • All global event boosts. This includes things such as weekend bonuses (like Battleframe Weekends) and any other global boost that we turn on as part of an event or special.
  • Daily Login Boosts. These are the boosts that you receive as a reward for logging in every day. They can be activated from the in-game dashboard (esc) and last for 1 hour. The boosts get better every consecutive day you log in (up to five days), and if you miss a day, the boosts reset.  If you do not use a boost before the next day's boost becomes available, it is replaced by the newer boost (you cannot save them to use another day). At five days (and every day beyond five), the boosts you get are:
    • +10% XP
    • +10% Reputation
    • +10% Crystite
  • Mission Reward XP boosts. These are temporary XP boosts that you sometimes get as a reward for completing an ARES Job. They will vary in both the boost percentage and the duration, and activate immediately upon completion of the mission.

Battleframe Completion Bonus

You receive a permanent 10% XP boost per Battleframe you get to max level (40). So, if you have 5 Battleframes at level 40, you will have a permanent 50% XP boost. 12 maxed frames will give you a 120% boost, and so on. There is no maximum to this boost beyond the number of available Battleframes (which is currently 16). This boost is in its own category, and as such stacks with all other XP boosts.