Ico Rhino

Astrek Rhino

The Juggernaut

Dre Rhino Large

Marketed by Astrek Association as “the ultimate battlefield deterrent”, the AA-D01 “Rhino” possesses firepower that is unparalleled in New Eden. Armed with powerful weaponry and ordinance, the Rhino turns its operator into a one-man army. This firepower comes at a cost, however, as the frame is less armored than its counterparts.

Astrek Rhino Abilities

The Rhino features several experimental systems which are designed to give operator the tactical advantage in practically every situation, with powerful kinetic attacks and state-of-the-art ordinance.

Exclusive Perk - Personal Shield - When the Rhino activates an ability, it gains a personal shield that absorbs a small amount of damage.

Charge - Power is rerouted to the Rhino’s servos, giving the battleframe a momentary speed boost that can also trample enemies that stand in the Rhino’s way.

Sundering Wave - A wave of kinetic energy erupts from the Rhino, weakening enemies slightly while leaving them vulnerable to additional attacks for a short period.

Gravity Field Grenade - The Rhino can also be equipped with Gravity Field Grenades that detonate to form a gravity well. Any weapons fire that passes through the well is pulled into the center, while anyone caught near the well are held in place until the well dissipates.

Dreadfield (HKM) - The Rhino surrounds itself with an energy vortex, draining energy from nearby enemies and increasing damage dealt. The Rhino's rate of fire is increase based on how many enemies are affected, and as long as one enemy is in the field, the Rhino's weapons consume no ammunition.

Astrek Rhino Weaponry

Rhino Weaponry

While other Dreadnaughts use traditional ballistics or plasma projectiles, the Rhino implements a Heavy Laser Machine Gun which is more dangerous at range than the alternatives. The alternate fire for the HLMG is a single concentrated laser which can rip through a squad of enemies with ease, but consumes ammunition at an incredible rate.