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Astrek Raptor

Invisible to the Naked Eye

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The Astrek Association’s AA-R4 “Raptor” is the support frame to complement Astrek’s other, offense-heavy battleframes. Several evasion systems have been integrated into this battleframe, making it difficult to track in the chaos of a firefight.

Astrek Raptor Abilities

Example Abilities:
Teleport Beacon

Example Abilities:
SIN Scrambler

Example Abilities:
Power Field

Example Abilities:

Ability 0017 Teleport Shot

Ability 0018 Scramble Shot

Ability 0016 Power Field

Ability 0015 Overload

Although the Raptor is more than capable of defending itself in a fight, its primary role is that of a long-range support. To that end, it has been outfitted with a number of secondary support systems.

Exclusive Perk (Passive) - Conduit - Successfully hitting with the Raptor's primary weapon grants an electrical charge. Upon reaching three electrical charges, the Raptor's abilities become empowered and gain additional benefits or effects.

SIN Scrambler - A specialized round fired from the Raptor’s Charge Rifle, the SIN Scrambler confuses enemy radar and fools the opposition into thinking that the Raptor’s target is hostile.

Power Field - Designed to support the Raptor’s allies when deployed, the Power Field will Superchage any ally that passes through it, increasing their ammo capacity and rate of fire temporarily.

Teleport Beacon - A quick escape for a Raptor that finds itself in danger, the Teleport Beacon allows the operator to instantaneously warp from one location to another.

Overload (HKM) - The Raptor is also capable of channeling its energy directly into the Charge Rifle, allowing the operator to fire bolts of electricity which not only damage the target, but also nearby allies. The extra energy also allows the Charge Rifle to recharge more quickly.

Astrek Raptor Weaponry

Raptor Weaponry

Raptor operators utilize a Charge Rifle, a long-range sniper rifle, to thin enemy numbers from afar. When scoped, the Charge Rifle charges its shots to deal more damage based on the charge time.