Ico Firecat

Astrek Firecat

Lighting the Fire

Ass Firecat Large

The Astrek Association “Firecat” Assault Battleframe certainly lives up to its name. Designed for closed-quarters combat, the Firecat uses a combination of super-heated plasma and focused flames to incinerate the enemy and insulate the pilot from harm. The trade-off for such firepower is a drop in maneuverability and speed.

Astrek Firecat Abilities

With a heavy focus on firepower, the Firecat is equipped with several offensive capabilities – each of which is based around the single theme of using flames to incinerate the opposition.

Exclusive Perk - Incinerator - When the Firecat deals damage with either abilities or its primary weapon's alternate fire, the enemy will burst into flame and take minor damage over time.

Thermal Wave - The Firecat unleashes a super-heated blast of energy in a frontal wave. Enemies hit by Thermal Wave take damage and have their energy consumed.

Immolate - The Firecat expels a continuous stream of flame, damaging nearby enemies. While Immolate is active, the Firecat is immune to self splash damage.

Inferno Dash - The Firecat activates specialized burners for a burst of speed, leaving a trail of flame that damages enemies in its wake.

Fuel Air Bomb (HKM) - The Firecat tosses out an explosive that deals high damage and sets the target area on fire, burning enemies within over several seconds.

Astrek Firecat Weaponry

Firecat Weaponry

The Firecat’s default weapon is the Astrek TC-1 Thermal Cannon. The Thermal Cannon fires a super-heated plasma projectile which bursts into flame on impact, covering a wide area with fire. The alternate fire option for the Thermal Cannon is a three-round Triple Shot, which fire in a straight trajectory and ignite the target in flame for a brief period.