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Astrek Firecat

Lighting the Fire

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The Astrek Association “Firecat” Assault Battleframe certainly lives up to its name. Designed for closed-quarters combat, the Firecat uses a combination of super-heated plasma and focused flames to incinerate the enemy and insulate the pilot from harm. The trade-off for such firepower is a drop in maneuverability and speed.

Astrek Firecat Abilities

With a heavy focus on firepower, the Firecat is equipped with several offensive capabilities – each of which is based around the single theme of using flames to incinerate the opposition.

Exclusive Perk (Passive) - Incinerator - When the Firecat deals damage with either abilities or its primary weapon's alternate fire, the enemy will burst into flame and take minor damage over time.

Thermal Wave - A flaming projectile which sets ablaze everything in its path, Thermal Wave is an attack that is felt long after the initial impact.

Immolate - When a Firecat operator finds himself surrounded by enemy forces, he can initiate Immolate to ignite the jets on the battleframe to momentarily project flame in all directions.

Inferno Dash - A dual-use ability, Inferno Dash allows the Firecat to project itself forward while igniting any enemies he happens to pass by.

Fuel Air Bomb (HKM) - Firecat operators have access to powerful ballistic ordinance. Named after its ordinance, the Fuel Air Bomb is a devastating strike in which the Firecat operator deploys an acrporter, which the bomb is dropped on. Upon detonation, the Fuel Air Bomb explodes in a ball of flame which scorches anyone caught in its blast.

Astrek Firecat Weaponry

Firecat Weaponry

The Firecat’s default weapon is the Astrek TC-1 Thermal Cannon. The Thermal Cannon fires a super-heated plasma projectile which bursts into flame on impact, covering a wide area with fire. The alternate fire option for the Thermal Cannon is a three-round Triple Shot, which fire in a straight trajectory and ignite the target in flame for a brief period.