Ico Firecat

Astrek Firecat

Lighting the Fire

Ass Firecat Large

The “Firecat” advanced Assault battleframe certainly lives up to its name, this pyromaniac’s dream battleframe, provide incredible short-range firepower specialized for fighting large groups of enemies. Given the Firecat is an advanced form of the Accord’s standard Assault; it has access to its abilities and weaponry as well as its own advanced kit.

Astrek Firecat Abilities

Thermal Wave –Thermal Wave spread waves of heat in front of the Firecat, damaging enemies and penetrating enemies’ force fields. For the duration of the ability, the Firecat projects a Thermal Shield that protects from incoming damage from the front.

– this control offensive power will lock an enemy in a force field composed of super-heated air, damaging the enemy trapped inside for the duration. Only attacks that can pass through shields can affect the target inside.

Ultimate: Fuel Air Bomb
– Throw a Fuel Air Bomb which detonates on impact, inflicting massive damages on explosion, the Firecat leaves behind a sphere of heated air, damaging enemies lingering in the aftermath of the explosion.

Astrek Firecat Weaponry

Firecat Weaponry

The Firecat’s default weapon is the Phason Thrower. This signature weapon sprays a high-energy stream of molten material, dealing area of effect damage at the point of impact. As the weapon heats up it deals increased damage.