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Astrek Electron

Constructing Technological Terrors

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One of Astrek Association’s most advanced chassis; the E-33 “Electron” is designed for combat support in the most volatile environments. Using long-range weaponry and experimental shields, the Electron is the offensive answer to the more defensive-minded Engineer frames.

Astrek Electron Abilities

The Electron is equipped with several attack and support focused electronic devices, which gives the battleframe the offensive firepower lacking in other frames, while providing support for its allies on the battlefield.

Exclusive Perk - Dynamic Relay - Whenever the Electron deals damage, it will receive a bonus to its shielding abilities.  Shielding allies will increase the Electron's rate of fire for a short duration.

Boomerang Shot - A powerful electric bolt which passes through enemies out to a certain distance, then returns to the Electron. Enemies hit on the return are injured further.  Boomerang Shot also shields any allies it passes through.

Overclocking Station - The Electron creates a deployable that will zap nearby allies, granting those affected with a  boost of energy as well as increasing their energy regeneration.

Bulwark - The Electron erupts in a pulse of energy which applies a shield to the Electron and nearby allies.

Electrical Storm (HKM) - A powerful projectile that can be detonated to grow into a large energy storm which inflicts great harm to enemy forces while also holding them in place.

Astrek Electron Weaponry

Electron Weaponry

The Shock Rail, the primary weapon of the Electron, is a long-ranged precision rifle that can deal great amounts of damage in the hands of a capable shooter. Its alternate fire discharges a large projectile ball of energy which, when detonated by a round from the Shock Rifle, explodes to deal a moderate amount of radius damage.