Ico Recon

Accord Recon

Spying Behind Enemy Lines

Rec Accord

The Recon-class battleframe is a powerful, versatile medium-to-long range combat support chassis. While the Recon-class frame is capable of providing resupply support, their strength lies in dispatching enemies from afar, keeping them safe from the front lines. Standard Recon abilities are also available for use on its advanced counterparts: Raptor and Nighthawk.

Accord Recon Abilities

Cryo Shot –Once activated, the Recon fires a freezing projectile which detonates on impact, damaging and snaring hostiles for a short duration. The shot also leaves behind a cryogenic field at its impact point, snaring hostiles that enter the field.

Teleport Beacon – The Recon throws a beacon that it will teleport to when activated a second time.

Remote Explosive – Fire an explosive mine which can be activated a second time to deal damage to hostiles in an area.

Ultimate: Artillery Strike –Paint a target area for an artillery strike. After a short delay the painted area is bombarded, dealing massive damage.

Accord Recon Weaponry

Recon Weaponry

The Recon’s signature weapon is the Marksman Rifle, a modified assault rifle that has enhanced zoom for increased accuracy. The primary fire rapidly fires, dealing great bonus damage to enemies’ weak spots. The alternate fire aims down the scope, increasing weapon accuracy at a decreased rate of fire.