Ico Recon

Accord Recon

Spying Behind Enemy Lines

Rec Accord

Light, agile, and very fast, the Accord Recon battleframe is the preferred chassis for medium-range snipers and reconnaissance officers within the Accord. While the battleframe lacks proper defensive plating, the Accord Recon more than makes up for it with a wide range of contingencies.

Accord Recon Abilities

The Accord Recon utilizes a number of contingencies and equipment to maintain a presence on the battlefield, no matter what the situation.

Exclusive Perk - Regenerative Plating - The Accord Recon is equipped with specialized plating that regenerates a small amount of health for each kill or assist the Recon earns.

Decoy - A personal cloaking device which renders the Recon invisible to the naked eye, while also creating a holographic decoy to distract enemies.

SIN Beacon - Launches a small scanner which, once it lands, detects enemies in the immediate vicinity. Enemies detected by SIN Beacon also take increased damage.

Cryo Bomb - A large grenade that, once detonated, freezes enemies within its blast radius. This allows the Recon to line up the perfect shot from range.

Accord Artillery Strike (HKM) - The Recon is also able to call in an Accord Artillery Strike, which rains down artillery fire on a chosen set of coordinates. Ultra effective in wiping out enemy squadrons with ease.

Accord Recon Weaponry

Recon Weaponry

The Accord Recon carries a scoped assault rifle with long-range and medium-range scopes. This rifle is extremely accurate when scoped, and can easily dispatch an enemy with a single headshot.