Ico Engineer

Accord Engineer

The Tinkerer

Eng Accord

The Engineer is the unsung hero of the Accord, controlling the battlefield through the implementation of both offensive and defensive technologies to support its allies, attack its enemies, and protect Accord territory. Standard Engineer abilities are also available for use on its advanced counterparts: Electron and Bastion.

Accord Engineer Abilities

Heavy Turret – Deploy an automated turret that targets and fire upon nearby hostiles.

Overclock – Taking advantage of the Engineer’s advances in technology, the Engineer can overclock its battleframe, granting unlimited energy and improved air control for its duration.

Supply Station – The Engineer deploys a supply station which generates health and ammo powerups for the Engineer and its allies.

Ultimate: Anti-Personnel Turret – Deploy a powerful turret that is operated manually. The Engineer or one of its allies can use the turret to unleash a high amount of damage to enemy threats.

Accord Engineer Weaponry

Bastion Weaponry

Accord Engineers come equipped with the Arc Thrower. The Arc Thrower fires a focused, short range beam of energy which bounces to a secondary target when striking an enemy. The beam can also be used to repair friendly deployables.