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The Engineer is the unsung hero of the Accord, controlling the battlefield through the implementation of both offensive and defensive technologies to support its allies, attack its enemies, and protect Accord territory.

Accord Engineer Abilities

Example Abilities:
Heavy Turret

Example Abilities:
Supply Station

Example Abilities:
Deployable Shield

Example Abilities:
Accord Anti-Personnel Turret

Ability 0056 Heavy Turret

Ability 0057 Supply Station

Ability 0058 Deployable Shield

Ability 0055 Ap Turret

The Engineer utilizes both offensive and defensive systems to provide combat support, ranging from resupplying allies to setting up automated turrets to provide cover fire.

Specialty (Passive) - Accord Nanite Deployment - When an Engineer's deployable is damaged, small nanites repair the device over time.

Heavy Turret - An upgradeable turret which can be placed almost anywhere on the battlefield to provide a second source of weapons fire.

Forward Shield - A small shield which can be deployed to prevent enemy advancement or shield allies from incoming attack.

Supply Station - The Engineer can place a small supply depot which will provide ammunition and first aid to allies.

Accord Anti-Personnel Turret (HKM) - Engineers are also capable of establishing Accord Anti-Personnel Turrets – battlefield turrets which can be manned by either the Engineer himself or any of his allies. The Anti-Personnel Turret fires twin heavy machine guns which can shred enemy infantry.

Accord Engineer Weaponry

Engineer Weaponry

The Accord Engineer is equipped with a standard-issue Sticky Grenade Launcher which fires grenades which can be detonated remotely for a short period before they explode on their own.