Ico Dreadnaught

Accord Dreadnaught

The One-Man Army

Dre Accord

The heavy machinery of the Accord military, the Dreadnaught battleframe is slow, bulky, and practically invulnerable. What it lacks in maneuverability it makes up for in raw firepower, and its heavy defensive plating ensures that the pilots are shielded from most enemy small arms fire.

Accord Dreadnaught Abilities

Keeping with the Accord’s philosophy of balanced systems, the Accord Dreadnaught is equipped with both offensive and defensive systems to assist it in combat.

Exclusive Perk - Resilient Plating - When the Accord Dreadnaught falls below 35% health, health regeneration is increased until health reaches 35%.

Explosive Rounds - When loaded into the Dreadnaught’s Heavy Machine Gun, these rounds explode on impact and send shrapnel at nearby enemies.

Heavy Armor - While the Dreadnaught’s armor is already impressive, it is also capable of generating an energy shield which absorbs enemy fire for a short period.

Repulsor Blast - Used to create space when enemies come too close, the Dreadnaught emits a potent energy wave which knocks enemies back. This also deals a small amount of damage.

Accord Mortar Launcher (HKM) - When the Dreadnaught needs to clear a large area quickly, it can call for an AML – Accord Mortar Launcher. The powerful explosives launched from the Accord Mortar Launcher have a large blast radius, and can decimate unsuspecting enemy forces.

Accord Dreadnaught Weaponry

Dreadnaught Weaponry

To counter its lack of quick movement, the Dreadnaught is outfitted with a Heavy Machine Gun. Although it requires a brief warm-up period before fire, it is capable of dealing large amounts of damage at short ranges. As the target moves further away, the HMG’s accuracy and potency decrease. The Heavy Machine Gun can also emit a shield that protects the operator from incoming enemy fire for a short period.