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Accord Biotech

Combat Medics Lead the Way

Bio Accord

Equal parts healer, chemist, and warrior, those who dawn the Accord Biotech battleframe serve as the chief combat support soldiers in the Accord. Constructed using lightweight polyfiber mesh to provide easy maneuverability on the battlefield, they lack defensive protection – but are outfitted with numerous systems to counteract this vulnerability.

Accord Biotech Abilities

To balance it against enemy combatants, the Accord has outfitted the Biotech battleframe with several features to protect its pilot and assist injured comrades.

Exclusive Perk - Siphoning Unit - The Accord Biotech is equipped with plating that heals the Biotech for a percentage of all damage and healing dealt.

Healing Wave - A large wave of energy discharges from the frame, healing allies while damaging and knocking back enemies.

Triage - Using advanced medical tools built into the battleframe, the Biotech is capable of reviving fallen comrades far more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Poison Trail - Using a classified Accord neurotoxin, the Biotech is capable of releasing a potent trail of poison behind it, slowing enemies within the cloud while causing severe harm.

Accord Chemical Sprayer (HKM) - When the tide of the battle looks grim, the Biotech can call in for support. This comes in the form of the ACS, or Accord Chemical Sprayer. This weapon spews a steady, unending stream of chemicals which can be used to heal allies, or harm enemies.

Accord Biotech Weaponry

Biotech Weaponry

The standard weapon for the Accord Biotech is the Accord BN-1, commonly called the BioNeedler. The BioNeedler fires a rapid succession of sharpened projectiles. When enemies come too close, the BioNeedler is also capable of firing spiked buckshot.