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Accord Biotech

Combat Medics Lead the Way

Bio Accord

The Biotech-class battleframe is much more than a simple combat medic. Using their many different on-board medical systems, Biotech-class battleframes can revive the incapacitated, rejuvenate a whole squad of allies, or engage in chemical warfare with clouds of deadly poisons and toxic ordinance. Standard Biotech abilities are also available for use on its advanced counterparts: Recluse and Dragonfly.

Accord Biotech Abilities

Healing Generator – The Biotech deploys a healing generator which gradually heals nearby allies in the heat of combat.

Poison Ball
–Poison Ball delivers a ball of noxious chemicals that explodes on impact, poisoning enemies in the area of effect and deals damage to them over time.

Adrenaline Rush
– For the duration, the Biotech and its allies are granted a boost to movement speed and rate of fire.

Ultimate: Heroism
– When activated, all nearby hostiles are slowed. For the duration of Heroism, a percentage of the Biotech and its allies’ damage dealt is returned as healing.

Accord Biotech Weaponry

Biotech Weaponry

The Biotech’s weapon of choice is the Smart Blaster, which fires nano-toxin globules that deal area of effect damage to enemies in a small radius of impact.