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Accord Assault

The Standard

Ass Accord

The Accord Assault battleframe is the standard-issue combat battleframe that all recruits within the Accord are trained to use, and has become synonymous with the Accord’s presence in New Eden. More maneuverable than a heavier Dreadnaught frame, the Assault utilizes plasma-based weaponry and use of its jets to dominate the battlefield.

Accord Assault Abilities

Balancing offensive firepower and defensive contingencies, the Accord Assault battleframe utilizes a number of abilities to avoid enemy fire while continuing the fight.

Exclusive Perk - Assault Nanites - The Accord Assault is equipped with specialized plating that increases the amount of healing received from health pickups.

Crater - Utilizing a massive burst from the jumpjets, the Accord Assault leaps high in the air before coming back to Earth. Upon landing, the shockwave created injures everyone near the blast.

Afterburner - The Accord Assault can quickly escape from a dangerous situation by focusing energy to the jumpjets and screeching across the battlefield.

Overcharge - Overcharges all of the Assault's offensive systems, briefly increasing rate of fire and granting unlimited ammo.

Shockwave (HKM) - The Assault unleashes a massive burst of energy in a frontal wave, dealing high damage to any targets caught within it.

Accord Assault Weaponry
Assault Weaponry

The Accord Plasma Projectile Model 42 is the Plasma Cannon that is equipped on the Accord Assault frame. Its default fire is a single large plasma round which explodes on impact, serving as a danger to those around the target. For close-quarters combat, the Plasma Cannon includes an alternate scattershot fire, firing a blast of smaller plasma rounds.