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Accord Assault

The Standard

Ass Accord

The Accord Assault battleframe is the standard-issue combat battleframe that all recruits within the Accord are trained to use, and has become synonymous with the Accord’s presence in New Eden. More maneuverable than a heavier Dreadnaught frame, the Assault utilizes high powered weaponry and mobility to dominate the battlefield. Standard Assault abilities are also available for use on its advanced counterparts: Firecat and Tigerclaw.

Accord Assault Abilities

Meteor Strike – The Assault leaps into the air and smashes to the ground with great force dealing damage to enemies as well as knocking them  back. Meteor strike can be aimed before the Assault begins its descent to better control the desired point of impact.

Overcharge – When activated, the Assault’s offensive systems are overcharged. While active, rate of fire is increased, ammunition is unlimited and signature weapons generate no heat.  

Afterburner –The Assault rushes forward with incredible speed.  

  • Firecat Modifier: Activating Afterburner as a Firecat causes a trail of flame that can damage enemies to be left behind.
  • Tigerclaw Modifier: When used by a Tigerclaw, Afterburner’s total thrust force is increased, allowing the Tigerclaw to propel further than the other Assault battleframes.

Ultimate: Shockwave – Unleash a devastating blast forward, dealing significant damage to all enemies in a line. 

Accord Assault Weaponry
Assault Weaponry

The standard weaponry for the Assault Battleframe is the trusted Plasma Cannon, a weapon which fires bursts of plasma, exploding on impact and dealing area of effect damage. The Diffusion Cannon is known for its overheating, requiring it to cool off before firing again if the pilot fires too many shots in succession.