This week on Firefall Live, Fadedpez and JBWill hosted an extended Q&A session to make up for the lack of call-ins the last couple of weeks, pulling questions both from chat and from TeamSpeak. As always, they rounded off the show with some great community content in the ever popular Do You Even Art Bro and Caption This segments.

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  • Before the show we were having a conversation with IamJohnGalt in chat about in-game community events, and it sparked an idea. Basically the reason we stopped doing the regular community events is that, with the Community Team down to just the three of us, we’re all pretty busy most of the time (often with non-player-facing tasks), and we generally don’t have the time to plan and run regular events (particularly considering the relatively low reach of those events due to the way our servers are set up). John and a couple other community members have mentioned that they’d be willing to help out by running some events in game, and we think that’s great! If you’ve got an idea for an event, let us know, and we’d be more than happy to get the word out by plugging it on Firefall Live, putting it on the Events page, and putting it in This Week in Firefall. In addition, we’d also be happy to provide in-game items for you to give out as prizes during your event (though we’ll have some basic criteria you’ll need to meet for that).

You’ve said that the next major update is “months” away, can we get an estimate of around how many months it should be?

  • We really can’t answer that because honestly we don’t know at this point. The production team is working on hammering out a full timeline, but we need a good amount of time to fully realize a lot of those systems. Something we’ve been guilty of in the past is releasing systems before all of the other systems that they need to really function as designed are completely ready. We’ve learned from our mistakes there and are working to make sure at least the basics of all of the systems (crafting, tinkering, itemization, etc.) are complete and work together to create one cohesive experience before we put it on the live servers.

Are you going to step up advertising when these changes are launched?

  • That’s a good question, we don’t know what our marketing plans are just yet. We’ll work with Nasters to figure that out, but the idea is that we want to make sure that we’re making smart decisions in terms of marketing spending and all that.

What are the chances that we’ll be able to buy purchase packs like the Rocketeer or Racer packs through Steam?

  • That’s a good question, we’ll have to bring that up with our Monetization team and see what they want to do there. On a related subject, something that we want to implement (but probably won’t be able to soon) is the ability to gift packages or items to other players. So for example if you wanted to buy your friend a Snowsquall, we want to make it so that you can. That’s kind of a long term goal, but we do want to get there.

Will we be using anything from the new crafting system when Tinkering?

  • Probably not. Basically the idea is you’ll get weapons from looting or crafting, and then use the Tinkering system to upgrade them. So they’ll be complementary but separate systems.

You guys have mentioned that salvaging an item that has had critical successes on it (from Tinkering) will have a chance to give you a component that you can use when tinkering to increase your critical success chance. It would be nice if you could craft that as well so that you don’t always have to salvage your gear to get those components.

  • That’s great feedback to have, we’ll pass it along. Thank you!

When can we expect the new PTS patch?

  • When it’s ready. Unfortunately we don’t have a more specific answer to give at the moment. What happened there is we’re still trying to figure out how we want to use the tech that’s required for core missions on the PTS servers to try and make sure that it works well. We’re sure that it will work, but we’re still running some extra tests to make sure that we’re using the appropriate amount of resources and not either underutilizing or overutilizing resources.

On the subject of Tinkering, what determines what stat gets a boost when you have a critical success?

  • The details are still being finalized, but basically the plan is that it will be sequential. So for example the first crit may always give a damage boost, and then the second crit always gives a rate of fire boost, or something to that effect. So it won’t be random, you’ll know what your next crit will get you. What the actual sequence is we don’t know yet, but that’s the plan.

What will happen to modules that are up on the marketplace when the changes go through.

  • That’s a good question. We haven’t figured out all of our migration plans yet, but that’s definitely something that we’ll finalize and announce before it happens. It may be like the launch of 1.0 when those item changes hit when we delisted items from the market so that we could migrate them. On the other hand, since people will be able to just salvage old modules into new modules, we could also potentially just leave them there for people to buy and then salvage. In general we have to make sure that the new systems are actually finalized before we start coming up with a real specific migration plan.

What will happen to modules that are prefixed like Devil’s modules?

  • There will be a conversion table and those will probably convert into new types of modules, but again none of the conversion details have been finalized yet so it’s hard to give a definite answer. We’re definitely aware of the community concerns regarding those modules.

Do you think that we might see Death Squads in the Amazon Warzone in the future?

  • Maybe not Death Squads as they exist in Devil’s Tusk specifically, but we definitely have plans for more new content in the Amazon. There were a number of things that we wanted to include when it launched, but they weren’t ready in time.

When is Arena PvP coming?

  • That will probably come with the sam e update as all of this other stuff that we’ve been talking about. We haven’t been talking about arena PvP specifically yet because it’s not quite ready (other than TheMuffinMan's thread on the forums), but it is something that’s being actively worked on right now. We’ve had a number of internal playtests in the past few weeks, and it’s definitely coming along.

So yesterday I was trying to sneak up behind a Chosen to hit him in the back, but suddenly he just turned around and shot at me. While you guys are working on making the game more realistic, could you maybe modify the way Chosen detect us so that if we come from behind we could maybe get a one-hit stealth kill?

  • That’s a good question. There is definitely work being done on the aggro mechanics, but we haven’t heard of any mechanic quite like that. That’s good feedback for our AI team though. One other thing we want to address is we’ve seen the word “realism” thrown around a lot in regards to the combat changes and addition of recoil to some weapons. We’re not trying to turn the game into a realistic shooter. We’re wearing space suits and flying around shooting aliens, it’s not like we have a gritty WWII shooter. The goal is to make combat feel better and reward high-skill play rather than make it feel “realistic”. 

I love the Rocketeer, but why does it have to have the same cooldown as the gliders?

  • That was basically just a design decision made. We definitely understand the argument for separating those, and it’s something that’s come up fairly often. It’s definitely valid feedback, and we’ll have to have a conversation with our systems designers about it.

Are there any changes coming to Battleframe Cores?

  • Not that we’ve heard of. You’ll be able to upgrade them with the Tinkering system, and they’ll likely be rebalanced along with the combat changes, but we’re not aware of any fundamental changes to how they work.

There’s a Tigerclaw build that allows for infinite flight. Will there be any sort of changes to buff that and make it easier to pull off?

  • It’s hard to answer a “will there ever” question definitively, but probably not. We understand that people enjoy the complete freedom of mobility with things like that, but it also compromises many aspects of the gameplay itself. We have to strike a balance between fun and game breaking so it’s unlikely that we’ll buff something that already gives infinite flight.

I know you guys have said that you won’t wipe XP, but will there be any sort of reset of anything with the upcoming update?

  • No. Your items will all migrate into whatever they’re supposed to migrate into. So if you have a plasma cannon now, you’ll still have a plasma cannon of equal power after the patch (including any combat changes that are made). Modules you’ll need to salvage since we’re actually changing the module system, but they’ll give you new modules of comparable power when you salvage them. That’s about it; you’ll keep all of your perks and things like that, so no wipe there either.

So the elephant in the room: aimbots. With Arena PvP being developed, is anything being done to combat aimbotters?

  • That is an excellent point to bring up. Yes. We don’t really want to talk about it in any sort of detail, since the more information we give, the easier it is for people to figure out how to beat the system, but yes, that is absolutely something that is on our radar.

Do You Even Art Bro?

"Any Day at Trans Hub" by Anonymous
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"Amazon for Dummies" by Natsuko Tritium
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"Lighttrails Addon" by Reddeyfish (WINNER)

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Caption This!

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That man's playing Galaga!

UI, why you no work?

Just add a lens flare...

Cat overlords demand Face Time during work hours.

Note to self: remember to wear sunglasses when outside in the bright beautiful day.... Or when looking at that cat.

I got the cat video working on the other machine - why can't I get it full-screen on this one?

I wish he'd stop talking to his cat on Skype and actually help me with this.



That's it for this week! We will not be having a Firefall Live for the next two weeks, but the show will resume on April 17th. We're working on some sort of streams to have in the same time slot in the interim, but we're still working on the details. Once those are finalized, we'll post about them on the forums. Until then, thanks for reading!

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