This week on Firefall Live, Fadedpez and JBWill were on set to give an overview of the week’s news, answer live calls from TeamSpeak, and show off some great community content.

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Hot Topics

  • Yesterday we released another “Looking Forward” blog, this time about the item upgrade system that we talked about a little bit at the end of last year, as well as changes to the module system. If you haven’t already, you can give that blog a read here.
  • So far there are two main concerns that players have been bringing up in response to the blog. One is about migration and how that will work with all of the various modules that people have (along with things like the cost for unslotting old modules after the migration). Since these systems are still being designed and, as before, it will be months before they go to the live servers, we don’t have a full itemized migration plan finalized yet. So, much the same as last week, we ask that you keep asking those questions and bringing up those edge cases so that when we do sit down to hammer out a final plan, we can make sure that we’ve covered all the bases.
  • The second concern that we’ve seen echoed by a lot of community members has to do with Deployment modules. Since those are going to become Prototype modules which drop from Operations and the blog says that they won’t be able to be combined with other modules to make hybrids, a lot of people are concerned that they will be difficult to get and that frames that rely on hybrid deployment modules will be severely gimped. Dominus Ascius (our Lead Systems Designer) made a post on the forums in response to those concerns here.
  • Our next PTS build will include mostly functional (but not complete) versions of several of the systems we’ve been talking about, so players will be able to start playing around with them soon.

Copa Call-In

You’ve been talking about a lot of changes recently, but we haven’t heard much about anything to do with armies. Are there any plans there?

  • For this build that we’re working on right now, unfortunately not really. We’ve been discussing for a while that we want to at least increase the army camp to 500, but right now we’re limited by what the chat system can handle. We’re working on redoing the back end of the chat system, and when that happens we should be able to increase that cap. Other than that, it’s really just a matter of priorities and time. Right now we have a lot of the former and not as much of the latter. It’s definitely still on our radar but it’s not something that’s being worked on right now.

I’m running out of room in my inventory, do you guys have any plans to help alleviate that?

  • Well, the change to the module system should significantly cut down on the amount of inventory space that’s taken up by modules, so that should help. Beyond that, we don’t know of any specific plans, but it’s definitely a concern that we’ve heard before and will make sure to bring up with the designers.

Mentors haven’t been mentioned for a while, what’s going on there?

  • Well we’ve still been adding new Mentors on a mostly individual basis. We’re working on an application process so that we can have a page that you go to and submit an application form so that we have a specific organized place to send people who want to be Mentors. We didn’t really want to keep going with just the big forum thread as it gets really messy and it’s easy for people to get lost in the noise.

Could we get a free module unslotting weekend event?

  • We can certainly bring it up, but there are a lot of considerations that would have to be taken into account in planning something like that. We’ll pass along the request.

In the new progression system, is there any possibility that we could try out the new 1-20 experience with the Assault frames if we already have all of the advanced frames unlocked?

  • Unfortunately, beyond creating a new character, probably not. We can bring it up to the designers though.

You guys mentioned extending the story into the Job Boards. If that’s the case, is there any work being done to address the issue with job loading times?

  • Yes. We’re working on improvements for the back end of the jobs system that should help alleviate that issue. We definitely recognize that it’s a very important area that we need to improve.

Since there are currently 3 advanced Dreadnaught frames, but only 2 for every other archetype, do you guys plan on releasing new battleframes to even that out before the launch of all of these changes?

  • No. When we were originally planning out these updates, it was definitely on our wish list to get 4 new battleframes in so that each archetype had the same amount. Unfortunately, making a new battleframe requires a huge amount of work from a wide variety of people, and it’s just not something that we have the time or the manpower to do along with everything else that is going on.

Are there going to be any patches between now and whenever all of these updates drop, maybe for things like the new Operations?

  • For things like the new Operations, probably not, but it really depends what is finished when. Because of the way our system works, it’s very hard to isolate major pieces and move them to the live server. We have the Design build, where most of the work is actually done, which then gets branched to our Stabilization build, which is where PTS builds come from, and then they go to the live servers. If you’ve been on our last couple PTS builds, you’ll notice that everything that wasn’t the combat zone was pretty much completely broken, and that’s because when we branched that build for the combat test, it pulled along all of the other incomplete things that people have been working on. Obviously that’s not something that we want to have happen on the live servers. We will probably cherry pick and patch in some things, as well as keeping on top of any issues that we need to hotfix, but there won’t be any major content drops.

Do You Even Art Bro?

This week’s Do You Even Art Bro entries come from a Fan Art Challenge in which users were asked to come up with their own army bases.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sci-Fi MMO FPS game

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sci-Fi MMO FPS game

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sci-Fi MMO FPS game

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sci-Fi MMO FPS game

HeineSnow (WINNER)
Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sci-Fi MMO FPS game

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sci-Fi MMO FPS game

Caption This!

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sci-Fi MMO FPS game


All I suggested was that players have to pull out a belt buckle and say "it's morphin' time!" before changing frames... Why are you... What did I do?

Hear me out guys, Firefall Dating Sim!

...and so I said, "your honor, that's not my rhinoceros."

Is this battleframe white and gold... or blue and black?

We're thinking of adding a facepalm animation with /palm as you can see my assistants demonstrating.

It's the Crystite, not the burritos, I swear...


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