Oh man, I just got done taking my own spin at the three Arsenal Challenges outside of Sunken Harbor. Let's just say everyone has a role in this war and I'm glad to say I found mine in journalism, because you do NOT want me behind that missile launcher. It was ugly!

So I stepped outside of Sunken Harbor and headed to the Jetball Toss first (coordinates: 534,-1433). I interacted with a battleframe station there, where I toggled several frames to the right before finding the D-647 Arsenal Dreadnaught, yeah baby! I equipped it for the free trial and it felt good right away, snug in all the right places. I tagged the nearby holographic terminal which hooked me up with a 50% XP boost(!) while participating in the Arsenal launch event...I've never seen anything like it! Say what you will about their monopolistic business practices, Omnidyne-M knows how to do a product launch just right. Letting us take their Arsenals off of the dealership lot without paying a thing is a stroke of genius. Makes it a no-risk purchase if I decide to pull the trigger.

It was time to get to brass tacks. I jumpjetted up to the nearest platform hovering in the air, and began the Jetball Toss event. There are five large hoops, like an inverted Olympic logo, and my job was to lob a Jetball through them. I realized about midway through this process that one of the hoops offered a double credit bonus, so I began allowing this to dictate which hoop I pursued. Soon enough, I had passed this challenge. (That doesn't mean you want me on your Jetball team yet, trust me.) It was time to try a different with more FIREPOWER!

Omnicon02Next up was the Arsenal Missile Challenge, which I found in the vicinity of the coordinates: 1014,-1600. It was a mad house, as a Melding tornado happened to have struck at the same time that I was juggling missiles. Need to give a shoutout to Sergeant Jaron White who was on hand at that moment and really came to our rescue. I did my best against this terrifying monstrosity. We eventually caused it to disperse, but not without me repatterning a total of five times. Let me tell you, I never get used to it. Still have that tingling sensation in my ears.

The tornado defeated, I scraped up what was left of myself and headed to the third Arsenal Event: the Aranha Challenge (coordinates: 966,-1205). It needs to be said that somewhere out in the world there must be an awful lot of brontodons hobbling around on stumps as I happen to know where their feet went. The Aranha Challenge entails standing in the middle of a large platform on the ground, which is surrounded by bait at regular intervals. (The bait appears to be pickled brontodon feet, but I wasn't brave enough to confirm.) Your task is to use the Arsenal's plethora of weapons to prevent the aranhas from eating through the pickled brontodon feet. This let me really open with the auto-shotgun, which I alternated with the particle beam when on cooldown. I was surprised and pleased, incidentally, that the particle beam was able to annihilate an entire cluster of aranhas, and not just a single target.
As you can imagine, I'm exhausted. I do find that the Arsenal is a great addition to Omnidyne-M's product line. I don't pretend yet to be the master of the rocket jump, but I'm working on it. I think I'm going to retreat to Luau Larry's and enjoy a tasty beverage.

On a side note, the Accord sergeant I mentioned earlier, Sgt. White, mentioned that there has been a significant increase of Chosen near Sunken Harbor, a noticeable influx overnight since the Arsenal event began. It is probably just a coincidence, but still...odd that the Chosen would just happen to strike here of all places and at this moment. It does leave one to wonder. Anyhow, probably nothing. I'm sure the Accord have this place safe and sound.
I encourage all of my readers to make it down to the Arsenal event, just outside of Sunken Harbor, and give the battleframe a free spin! You'll be glad you did.