Our Resource Migration Event has begun!  (Click here to learn more about it and how to obtain Beta Resources).  You can now turn in your Beta Resources to the "Accord War Bond Vendors" that we have placed in the world.  There are two in each POI (generally one close to the printer and one close to the SIN tower) and one in each pocket, and their locations will be marked on your global map.  You can keep track of how many resources you have turned in in the achievements menu up until you reach two million and complete the final achievement.  We will also be keeping track of the top donators and posting a leaderboard that we will update every few days (starting a week or so into the event), and at the end of the event the top 100 will receive even more prizes!  See below for a list of the achievements and the prizes that you unlock by reaching them.

50,000 Beta Resources Donated: "Bought War Bonds"

Unique title unlock:

"Bought War Bonds"

200,000 Beta Resources Donated: "Heeded the Call"

"Burnished" warpaint unlock:

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

600,000 Beta Resources Donated: "If You Can't Enlist, Invest"

Deployable "Victory" hologram: places a full-sized hologram duplicate of the player who used it (complete with the cosmetics they are wearing) standing at attention and flanked by a banner of the Accord, which remains in place for a short time.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
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1,200,000 Beta Resources Donated: "For Freedom's Sake"

Your own personal robot pet who is a little bit damaged but nonetheless adorable.  We don't have a name for him yet, so we decided that we'd let you choose one!  Check out the thread on the forums here to suggest a name, and we'll select our favorites and let you guys vote on which one will make it into the game.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

2,000,000 Beta Resources Donated: "The Sky's the Limit"

Accord Emergency Glider: a deployable glider that does not lay down a glider pad, but instead immediately grants glider wings and an upward boost to the user (can be used in midair).


The top 100 donators will all get special prizes in addition to the ones they get from the achievements including a unique title and forum avatar border.  The top 10 will get even more exciting rewards such as custom titles, custom warpaints, and even the chance to work with our designers to create and name their own epic weapons that will then be put into the game for anyone to find and use. More information on these rewards, in addition to leaderboard standing updates, can be found here.


As mentioned here, this event is around for a limited time only, and we will announce the end date roughly one week prior to its conclusion. When it ends, the crafting recipes and vendors will disappear, any resources remaining in players' inventories will be removed (not including crystite), and your chance to earn these exclusive rewards will have passed. Don't miss out on this opportunity for unique rewards!

Enjoy this special event and its rewards! See you in game!

Note: All rewards will be delivered following the conclusion of the event

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

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Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

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