Hello Firefall fans!

Now that we have finally announced our patch and launch plans, we can officially announce that the Resource Migration event will be ending on July 14th when our game servers are brought down for maintenance (exact time TBD). 

During the downtime, all un-donated resources will automatically be removed and will be applied to progress towards the individual achievements. This means that even those players who weren’t around to turn in their resources manually will still be able to earn any of the rewards they had enough resources for. However, resources that are not manually converted and donated will not count towards a spot on the leaderboard, so you still want to turn them in yourself while you’ve got a chance! 

All of the rewards from the individual achievements, as well as all of the leaderboard rewards for places 11-100, will be distributed during the downtime, so you will have them when you log back in on July 15th. The top 10 and first place leaderboard rewards will require extra time to deliver due to their custom nature (though the top 10 will still get the “top 100” rewards immediately). In addition, the monument in Copacabana will be available to interact with after our next patch, which is after the 15th but before our official launch on the 29th.

Thank you all so much for participating in this event! We hope you enjoy your rewards and we’ll see you in game!

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