Citizens of the Accord: For too long, humanity has simply defended itself. We do all we can to fend off the advance of the Chosen without pushing back and attempting to retake land from the clutches of the Melding. Today, that all changes. Today, the Accord is putting into motion a plan to strike back at a Chosen stronghold located in Devil’s Tusk. For this plan to become a reality, we need your help. The Accord’s resources are spread thin just maintaining the defense of our current territory, and the manufacture of the amount of weapons and installations needed to push back the Chosen is expensive. We call on you – our citizens, the last remnants of humanity – to help us gather the resources we need to make the first step towards reclaiming our planet.

Hello Firefall Fans!

If you've read today’s “Path to Launch” blog , you know that there is a big update coming to our resource system, and many of you have been asking “what is going to happen to my resources?” Well, we have the answer! We are going to be running an event to not only remove the old resources from the economy, but also to provide unique rewards to our existing players. This event will begin this Friday, June 13th, and will function similarly to the old Beta Crystite event, but with a few key differences.

You will be able to convert your resources and crystite into “beta resources,” which you can then turn in at a special vendor that will be placed at every marked Point of Interest. When you turn in these beta resources, you will gain points towards a series of special achievements that will award you with unique unlocks (the exact list of rewards and the amount of resources it takes to unlock them will be released this Friday when the event goes live). In addition, we will keep track of all of the donations made during the event, and at its conclusion we will award special prizes to the users who donated the most beta resources including special titles, forum borders, and even the opportunity to create their own custom warpaint. We’ll be using the in-game dashboard to display the leaderboard, which we will update every few days.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
Deployable Hologram Reward

When the event begins, two recipes will appear in the crafting menu for the creation of beta resources. One will accept any resources (regardless of type or quality) and will convert them into beta resources at a one to one ratio. The second will accept crystite, and will convert it into beta resources at a two to one ratio (two crystite per one beta resource). Note: we are not going to take away your crystite if you decide you don’t want to donate it. The inclusion of crystite is a purely optional way for you to reach your goals if you do not have enough resources.

This event is around for a limited time only, and we will announce the end date roughly one week prior to its conclusion. When it ends, the crafting recipes and vendors will disappear, any resources remaining in players’ inventories will be removed (not including crystite), and your chance to earn these exclusive rewards will have passed. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for unique rewards!

Enjoy this special event, and we’ll see you in game!

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Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

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