Happy Valentine's, everyone! Another Firefall Live has come and gone as happens every Friday on our Twitch channel. Every week we cover some Red 5 and Firefall news, things that are going on in the community and answer some questions the community may have. This week we had some questions taken from the Forums, as well as live callers on Teamspeak.

Red 5 News

This past Tuesday, we've branched which means another patch should be coming up next week if all goes well.  The main things that can be expected are some bugfixes and some changes to the Nighthawk.

Valentine's items are still up for sale so don't miss out on the Cherub Gliderpad, Valentine's warpaint, the Heart Mask, the Heart Pattern and if you log in today, you will receive a special gift in your mailbox (the times are in GMT so this should end at 0:00 GMT or 4 PM PST today).

The resource boost weekend will be underway starting today at 4 PM PST.  All encounter rewards will grant 20% extra resources (does not stack with temporary boosts).

Community Events

Check out the Community of Chaos for Firefall streaming featuring Firefallers such as LordLamina, Gabbs, and of course the guys that started it all: Cass and Ash.

TheMaster627 is still doing the HerpaDerby which is the LGV Destruction Derby on Saturdays.  He also streams the event on his Twitch channel.

There's a newer stream to Firefall.  Be sure to join Docgotgame on his streams, he's been streaming Firefall quite a lot lately!

Also check out some of our awesome YouTubers: Nakiato, SlightlyNoobish, Nokzen, Craseder.

Community Pick Your Perks: Tigerclaw

SlightlyNoobish's Tigerclaw Perks

Infesord's Tigerclaw Perks

Cawshun's Tigerclaw Perks


Inventory limits are coming soon, what kind of information can you provide?

We're still testing it and getting feedback to know what it feels like, are we using the right numbers.  Don't expect to hit this next patch yet because we're still testing it out and making adjustments.

What's the progress on buy orders?

Buy orders are not being actively worked on right now this sprint, but they are in the backlog currently.  We aren't sure when exactly the feature will be worked on because its priority may be shifted around, but it is in our backlog and we do plan on implementing this feature.

What's the current feeling regarding Research Points? Some people feel that the costs may be too high.

Feeling that the costs are too high is a perfectly valid opinion.  We're still monitoring and reviewing the Research Point acquisition rates to see what kind of adjustments that will need to be made.  Gathering real data on this is really helpful to us for reviewing the balance.

Will the resource spawn rate increase in Antarctica?  Will the resource range be expanded into other areas.

Antarctica is currently a Stage IV area which spawns Stage IV resources.  Any zone we create that is Stage IV, those resources will be included in that area.  As for the veins spawning and getting tapped out quickly, there are some issues there we've been looking at that are related to the terrain/playable areas.  We also have to take into consideration the balance of resources as there has to be some sort of limitation since it affects the economy, it affects the gameplay and the game itself.  We don't think we're at the ideal spot yet, though, and we'll constantly be monitoring the resource flow and make adjustments accordingly.

Some of the perks don't seem to be affecting abilities and weapons that seem like they should be affected.  Is this being looked into?

We are doing a balance pass on perks which include fixes, updates, etc. We're looking at feedback players have been providing about perks and as it's a new system we're keeping an eye on their behavior and usage which means we'll be working on them.

When can we see the next Campagin?  How often will you release Campaign missions?

The first chapter of the campaign is still being worked on and we hope to have the rest of it out with our next big update.  We're currently working on the prep work for the second chapter.  As far as how often we'd like to release campaign content, we'd like to release it as often as we can.  We're also working to add more missions in the world that are wrapped in lore but not necessarily a part of the campaign.

Is there any sort of time frame on when Open World PvP will be list?

Open World PvP is being worked on currently.  The goal is to get this on PTS as quickly as possible so that we can get the proper player numbers to really test it and get feedback on what kind of changes will be needed.  It will be released in stages meaning that we will first release the most basic form of Open World PvP and as time goes on add more features to it to add some more depth to the game.  We're hoping that we can get the basic version on to PTS by the end of the first quarter this year.

Is there going to be a large incentive for group play in world PvP?

Yes, we want armies to be important in world PvP, though we are still working on the exact details of what we think it should all mean.

What's up with Diamondhead?

Diamondhead is still being worked on, we have a full team of people focused on it right now.  We're also reviewing making it Stage III and IV to add more high level content for players.

Will Necrotic Poison (Recluse) be reworked to be as useful as Siphoning Plating?

Players are presented with a choice to use either the Accord or Recluse passive.  Necrotic Poison is still good for sustained damage on larger creatures.  We're still having a review of Battleframes so we'll be sure to take that into consideration when we're reviewing the Recluse.

Will New Eden ever be expanded?

There are no current plans to make it grow any larger.  We're currently expanding the pockets to be as big as New Eden.  We're currently working on Diamondhead and then will work on the others once that's ready.  We'd need to rewrite some technology in order to be able to expand New Eden to a larger size and we don't plan on working on that this year.

Do You Even Art Bro?

Firemoth's Blueprint

Blueprint   Firemoth

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Mad Mim   The Perfect Vantage

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