For the past several months, we’ve been hard at work making sure that Firefall will be ready for this month’s launch. Along the way, we’ve also been listening to your feedback in response to our Path to Launch blogs, as well as feedback and data we’ve gathered from our closed Delta testing. Based on what we’ve heard and what we’ve learned, we’ve made a couple of adjustments to things we announced in some of the earlier Path to Launch blogs.

Module Slots

Previously Mentioned Plan

In Path to Launch #1, we said that common (white) items had no module slots, while uncommon (green) have one, rare (blue) have two, and epic/legendary (purple/orange) have three.

New Plan

We have decided to give common items one module slot, while also giving one more to uncommon and rare items. So for clarity, the updated information is common items have one module slot, uncommon items have two, and rare, epic, and legendary items all have three.


Previously Mentioned Plan

In Path to Launch #2, we discussed the changes we were making to our professions system in which any player could create common items of any type, but would need to choose a specific profession to be able to craft any higher rarity items that fall under that profession.

New Plan

This is a topic that we have received a huge amount of feedback about and has been the subject of many internal discussions. After taking everything into consideration, we have decided to remove professions from Firefall completely. There will still be several specializations in the research screen, but all players will have unrestricted access to all of them. This means that any player will be able to craft any item in the game, restricted only by what they have researched.

Item Migration

We have made a forum post with information on how all existing items will be migrated into the new system. Please have a look at that thread here.

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Thanks for reading everyone! We hope you enjoyed reading about these changes. Please continue to give us your feedback and know that we are always listening and working on making Firefall a better experience for all involved. Keep an eye out on Tuesday for the next entry in our Path to Launch series!

See you in game!

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