An important part of creating a long lasting MMO-style game is fostering a healthy player-driven economy that promotes interaction and trade between players. Today, we are excited to reveal a new system that will not only help to strengthen our economy, but also provide a means for Firefall players to acquire Red Beans without having to pay real money. That system involves the introduction of a new currency known as “Credits.”

What are Credits?

As valuable as Crystite is, it’s hard to use a bucket of rocks to buy a sandwich. Credits are what the Accord and the surviving remnants of humanity in Firefall’s future Earth use as money. ARES teams are able to acquire the mineral Crystite that the United Armies of the Accord desperately need to power their technology. In exchange, the Accord pays out Credits, which are widely accepted as a universal currency.

What can I spend Credits on?

Most importantly, Credits are the currency of the new marketplace, where player to player trading occurs. Buying and selling of items between players now happens entirely with Credits. In addition to player trading through the market, there are a number of premium services that you can use your Credits on:

  • Priority Arcport – Teleport instantly from the map to any friendly controlled SIN tower that you have unlocked (within your current zone).
  • Self-Revive - Revive yourself in the same location after being killed (Does not work in raid missions or in PvP).
  • Unslot Modules – Safely remove the modules in any item, returning them to your inventory.
  • And more!

How do I earn Credits?

Each day, the Accord will purchase up to a quota of 25,000 Crystite from each ARES Pilot. For every 25 Crystite, the Accord pays 1 Credit. This means you can get up to 1000 Credits every day. Don’t worry, Credits don’t expire at the end of the day, so you can save up as many as you like!

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The Credit Exchange

The Credit Exchange is a new interface that allows players to not only convert their Crystite into Credits, but also to exchange Credits and Red Beans with other players. If you have a lot of Red Beans, and want Credits, you can list your Red Beans as a “sell order” on the exchange. Likewise, if you have extra Credits you’d like to exchange, you can use them to obtain Red Beans. This exchange is completely player driven, the exchange price to and from Credits will be determined by how many Red Beans your fellow players are willing to exchange them for.

How the Exchange works

Here’s a hypothetical example, using a couple of players we’ll call Philip and Susan:

Philip has just purchased a package of Red Beans in order to buy that LGV he always wanted on the store. He has some Red Beans left over, and figures he can trade them to other players for Credits! Philip then puts a listing on the credit exchange, selling 40 Red Beans for 200 Credits each.

Now lets’ go to Susan. Susan loves Firefall, and she enjoys using the marketplace to buy and sell goods with other players. She recently sold a cool Epic piece of gear for a bunch of Credits, and now she wants to turn those Credits into Red Beans. Susan looks at the exchange, and sees Philip’s listing: 40 Red Beans at 200 Credits each. Susan can buy any number of those she chooses at the listed price. Susan decides to buy 20 Red Beans, paying 4000 Credits. Susan gets 20 Red Beans, and Philip gets 4000 Credits. No fees or cuts are taken out from either side’s transaction by the exchange.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

Other Questions

If all this happens with Credits, what good is Crystite?

Beyond the mentioned needing Crystite to convert into Credits, Crystite will still have a lot of uses in Firefall. Crafting, researching, purchasing some small items from NPC vendors, repairing gear, and more will still all take Crystite, ensuring that even Crystite gained beyond the 25,000 daily Crystite to Credit conversion limit will still have an important use. The general idea is that items and services that are directly required to keep playing the game (like repairing broken gear) will use Crystite, whereas “luxury” services (buying better gear on the market) will be fair game for Credits.

Doesn't this limit mean the market will be dead when the system is first implemented?

Good question! To make sure there’s plenty of Credits to start the Marketplace out properly, we will be increasing all players’ Crystite to Credits daily conversion limit for a limited time after this system goes live. This will allow existing players with stockpiles of Crystite to leverage it into Credits more quickly, which will help the Marketplace stabilize before we drop the conversion back down to the normal rate. We will post more details about this boost soon.


We hope you enjoyed this look into a new system being added to Firefall with next week’s patch. This is an extremely strong system that we are very excited for, and we will continue to expand it in the future: adding more exciting uses for Credits, on both personal and army levels. Please let us know any questions or concerns you have about the system in the forum thread linked below, and keep an eye out next Tuesday for the next installment in our Path to Launch blog series. Don’t forget that it will also be the first day of our “early access” period (learn more here), and the first time you all get to experience the changes we've discussed in these blogs. We hope you’re as excited to try it out as we are to see your reactions. Until then, we’ll see you in game!

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