As you know, during our Beta and preparations for launch, we’ve been working diligently to create and update the game with your feedback in mind. One area we often receive feedback from players on is how they’d love to see more difficulty options for some of our content. In today’s “Path to Launch” blog entry, we’re excited to share details about a new campaign difficulty option, in addition to updates to the VIP Program and Login Rewards, which will be available at the launch of Firefall.

Campaign Instances: Hardcore Mode

In our last major update, we released the beginnings of Firefall's Episodic Campaign, in which some of the missions took you into instances. These instances were designed to tell your story as an ARES pilot during your progression through the world. As we often hear that many of you would love to be able to experience these as replayable pieces of content with increased difficulty, we are excited to announce that, in addition to expanding the campaign with three new instanced missions, we will be introducing ‘Hardcore’ modes to the Campaign instances at launch.

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‘Hardcore’ mode instances are end-level versions of the instances; once you reach level 37, you can replay the instanced Campaign missions in ‘Hardcore’ mode. Will the risk be worth the reward? Absolutely. Not only will the enemies be scaled up to level 40+, but the rewards are also appropriately scaled to ensure you are properly rewarded upon completion. Currently, some of the instances have normal mode safeguards that will be removed when in ‘Hardcore’ mode. One example of this is when an instance's objective is failed and the mission restarts at a checkpoint. In normal mode, the objective will ease up on you for your next try, but when you play in ‘Hardcore’ mode, it won't be as forgiving – you'll get the full difficulty the whole way through. We plan on supporting ‘Hardcore’ modes for the existing Campaign instances, as well as all future missions… stay tuned for more details on those new missions!

VIP Program  

As always, Firefall is supported by our fans! We want to thank those fans by adding additional bonuses to make membership to our VIP Program even more rewarding. As such, for launch, we’re making a few updates to the benefits that are provided via the program – they are focused on improving the value of the time you spend in game.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
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To meet that goal, the program will provide boosts to various types of gameplay, as well as the existing increases to market and crafting slots – it will also include access to a special, prestigious glider pad to help you get around the world. The boosts provided from the VIP Program stack with boosts purchased from the store, or earned through gameplay, such as from daily login rewards (more info below) or mission rewards.

The New VIP Membership Benefits Going Live at Launch

  • +25% Earned Crystite
  • +25% Earned XP
  • +25% Earned Reputation Vouchers
  • +2 Crafting Workbench Slots
  • +8 Market Slots
  • Access to the VIP Boosted Glider Pad

The VIP Boosted Glider Pad

This special glider deploys a visually distinct pad that emits sparks of prismatic energy! When any player steps on the pad, it thrusts them into the air as normal, but when the brilliant, rainbow wings deploy, it kicks off your glide with a 1-second duration thrust bonus. You can use this one second boost to start off your glide at high speed, or climb higher into the air!

Login Rewards

If you’ve been playing with us in the past, you know that in Beta we have a “Daily Login Rewards” system. Each day you log in, you advance one step on a five-step track, earning rewards such as a small amount of Crystite, an XP boost, or some resources based on your progress on the daily login track.

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
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As part of the improvements and overhauls we’ve been making throughout the game for launch, we’ve also reexamined these rewards. Previously, the progression of these rewards didn’t always make sense: for many people, the day 3 reward was more valuable than the day 5 reward. As the goal has always been for each day (up until the 5th day) to be progressively more rewarding, we took a moment to reexamine what the purpose of a daily login reward system should be.

The Design Goals for a Daily Login Reward System

  • To encourage players to log in and enjoy Firefall every day.
  • To provide a progression of rewards, so that consecutive daily logins are even more rewarding!
  • To provide bonuses that help players get into the game and keep playing.

With the above in mind, we’ve used this opportunity to redesign the benefits players gain from logging in each day, and to make sure that each consecutive day’s rewards (up to the fifth) are better than the previous. Now, the daily login rewards will provide buffs to your earned XP, Crystite, and faction Reputation Vouchers.

The New Daily Login Reward tiers

  • Day 1: +5% XP for the next hour
  • Day 2: +5% XP and Crystite for the next hour
  • Day 3: +5% XP, Crystite, and Reputation Vouchers for the next hour
  • Day 4: +10% XP, +5% Crystite and Reputation Vouchers for the next hour
  • Day 5+: +10% XP, Crystite, and Reputation Vouchers for the next hour

And the bonuses don’t just stop after an hour of playing! While you’re playing Firefall, rewards from other content, such as Ares Jobs, can occasionally include additional temporary XP boosts, providing you with even more rewards to continue playing.

What are Reputation Vouchers?

Since we’ve just mentioned Reputation Vouchers above, we should probably fill you in on what they are. Vouchers are a reward currently earned from completing ARES Jobs. When you finish a job, part of your reward can include vouchers for the area or township for which you’re completing the job: they’re kind of like a reputation currency for that faction. Each area has a vendor who you can spend those vouchers with for rewards.


We hope you enjoyed this installment of Firefall's “Path to Launch” blog series. While we will have a break in our blog series next week in celebration of Independence Day, have no fear! We will still be announcing some fun, upcoming events next week, including one that some of you have been speculating on. We still have TONS of content to talk about that will go live at launch, so stay tuned for when the “Path to Launch” blog series resumes on July 8th with our biggest reveals (yes, plural) yet. You won’t want to miss it. Until then, see you in game!

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Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

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