Welcome ARES operatives, embedded journalist Ironhusk here, reporting for the New Eden Independent. As you can see from the meta data on this broadcast, I'm at OMNICON--the arms extravaganza hosted by Omnidyne-M, on the outskirts of the gorgeous and venerable Sunken Harbor. The company is only moments away from unveiling the latest and greatest in their long line of battleframes: the Arsenal! 

Now Omnidyne-M itself has been surprisingly mum on what exactly makes this new battleframe sing, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't do my share of digging beforehand.
We've all seen the rumors on SIN--that the Arsenal is really a moniker for a stealth suit. Or one that mimics the electronic signatures of a Chosen battleframe. Or my personal favorite: that it's some sort of crystite-fueled bombsuit that encases the operator with heavy plating and nothing else--with the implication being that the Arsenal will charge into harm's way, detonating themselves with the presumed hope that a remote repatterning station will catch their genetic signature and be able to reassemble them again. Hogwash. Every one of those suggestions is hokey and I wouldn't be surprised if they were leaked by Omnidyne-M simply as disinformation.

I have a lead, which may or may not have come from someone who works at a munitions facility where their molecular printers print one thing and one thing only. Handheld rockets, the size of a forearm. This contact of mine says every crate is tagged for delivery to Omnidyne-M. Why wouldn't Omnidyne-M just print the munitions in their own factory? Why would the Accord need to control the production on this new weapons system? Let me be the one to suggest to you, my friends, that it is for an overpowered shoulder-mounted missile silo--and that THIS is the signature of the Arsenal! My source has suggested the firing rate on this parti--

Omnicon01--just a second. OK...all right! Omnidyne-M is pushing the Arsenal data at this very moment to our viewports! The moment is upon us! Relaying to all of you out in SIN. Oh, wow! At first glance, this battleframe definitely looks aptly named. The Arsenal comes stock with a combat shotgun--perfect for a short range expert role. It also comes with a particle beam intended for longer range roles. Ouch, sounds HOT! Looks like it also comes with rocket jump--which not only propels the operator up into the air, but carpets the ground with explosives in its wake. Talk about makin' a dramatic exit! And THERE it is! Shoulder rockets, hallelujah! They claim the shoulder-mounted silo is able to fire a series of MX-500 rockets in a pommeling quick succession. How they're able to fit everything into this one battleframe is beyond me. Hold up, one more thing! Looks like it also includes the ability to throw out ammo pick-ups! If they can really deliver on all these stats, it looks to me like Omnidyne-M may have a real winner on their hands. My producer is trying to track down a company representative at this moment--

Huzzah! The battleframe stations down here have just powered up and we're seeing the very first Arsenals roll off the line! Omnidyne-M is offering a brief trial period to all operators to test-drive this badboy! Let's put it through the ringer and see if the company's claims hold true. Is this really the next step in battleframe technology? Will this tip the scales in the war against the Chosen? Now is the time! Join us at OMNICON, with the scenic Sunken Harbor as the backdrop. I'll be watching for outstanding displays of performance and collecting personal testimonials about how the Arsenal handles! Time for me to suit up as well!