The Mammoth is a Dreadnaught variant with the Omnidyne-M touch. With extra plating and some defensive abilities, the Mammoth is easily the toughest Battleframe on the field. Don't let its defensive capabilities fool you, though, with the Tremors HKM and the Heavy Plasma Machine Gun the Mammoth can deal almost as much punishment as it can take.

This coming weekend, you can take the Mammoth out for a test drive! The Mammoth will be available for all pilots and receive a 50% XP bonus. This fan favorite will also be 25% off on Red Bean purchases for the duration of Mammoth weekend. Go big, go Mammoth.

Mammoth Weekend Start: Saturday, March 8th 0:00 GMT (Friday, March 7th 4:00 PM PST)

Mammoth Weekend End: Tuesday, March 11th 0:00 GMT (Monday, March 10th 4:00 PM PST)