Greetings, ARES Operators!

As you may already know, we are offering some rewards with your Red Bean purchases and we want to have new things for you to check out monthly. This month, we have a new title, Beta Scout, the Dusk Gliderpad and the Monoclops Zoom eyewear available as rewards. You can also still get the Vapor LGV and Vapor Warpaint.

Red Bean Incentive Large Nov En• With the $5 and $10 packs, you get the Beta Scout in-game title.

• With the $20 and $50 packs, you get the Vapor Warpaint and Dusk Gliderpad as well as the new title.

• At the $100 level, you get all of the rewards items including the Vapor LGV, Monoclops Zoom.

Buy Red Beans today and reap the rewards!

Nov Red Bean