The Night of the Melding continues on, but we have the winners of our costume contest! Last week, we announced that we wanted you to show us your best Night of the Melding costume on Twitter or Facebook. We've gotten so many great entries, but unfortunately we could only pick our ten favorites to win the 160 Red Beans. We've announced the winners on our latest live stream, but we wanted to make sure they are properly celebrated. Without further ado, here are your costume contest winners!

Our Costume Contest Winners

First we have Hueroloco wearing his Skull, basking on a SIN Tower.

Adam Koback

Next up, there's JackhammerJoe in a really spooky shot with his Bat Wings. Nice lighting!

Alexander Linderson

Take a look at Cawshun and the Mad Hat!

Austin La Berge

Here's Freak in action on their Tigerclaw sporting the Bat Wings.

Greg Deeth

Kream is looking badass with his use of the Bat Bomb.

Jason Marks

Sitting on his scary Pumpkin, Dreaddybear is showing off his Skull.

Jd Aussem

AirmidX is showing off their Bat Wings in a really awesome night shot.

Karina Raquel

MachineGunMary is on fire! And she's wearing the awesome Mad Hat.

Mary Karlsson

Also showing off the Mad Hat we have Flacci in a great closeup shot.

Matt Schwede

Last but not least, StacheMeister in The Samhain, in yet another really spooky night shot.

Stache Meister

Thanks to everyone that entered this contest, we hope you had as much fun putting your shots together as we did going through them and picking our favorites! While the costume contest is over, the Night of the Melding continues on! Please be sure to come celebrate in game with us and your comrades!