Attention, ARES Operators! Join us in the celebration of our second annual Night of the Melding holiday! Starting today, special Night of the Melding items will be available at the New You and Luau Larry's!

Mad HatWe've brought back some of your favorite items by popular demand, such as Kitty Ears, the Scarecrow, Bat Bombs, and even the famous Trollstone. Looking for something new to wear to your Night of the Melding party? There are also some new items you can get in the New You such as Bat Wings, the Mad Hat and the Muertos Helm. Also available at Luau Larry's is the new Mists of Madness which adds a spooky atmosphere wherever you place it!  You can also try your luck at the Vending Machines to try and win these cosmetics!

Muertos HelmBe sure to pick up your Night of the Melding cosmetics today, they are only available until November 5th, 2013!

Night of the Melding Wallpaper! 

Enjoy the new Night of the Melding wall paper we put together for you all! (click for full size)

Night Of The Melding Wallpaper