We are excited to announce our first post-launch Live Event, “Hazardous Research.” This is an event that includes two brand new dynamic encounters and can get you great rewards including a brand new weapon and even the ability to earn some Credits beyond your regular daily limit. This event will begin this Friday, August 22nd at 5:00pm PDT (click to view in your timezone) and will run until Friday, September 12th at 5:00pm PDT (click to view in your timezone).

Doctor Francesca Tellano, an Omnidyne-M scientist, is leading a research project involving a strange phenomenon that has been observed in both New Eden and Devil’s Tusk. Toxic Aranha are a known and well documented species, but in recent weeks, reports have been popping up of other aranha species that appear to have been contaminated by the Toxic Aranha’s toxins. Omnidyne-M is working on discovering exactly why this toxic effect suddenly began jumping species in the interest of potentially applying similar effects to some of their offensive technology.


Toxic Aranha Nest

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

The nests of these strange Toxic Aranha provide valuable samples that will aid Dr. Tellano in her research. If you come across one of these nests in the wild, they will air drop you a supply of disruptors that you activate by picking them up and attaching them to the nest. Once you have attached enough disruptors, the nest will spill samples to the ground. You can repeat this process multiple times to release more samples, and you will need to collect as many of these samples as you can and place them into a collection container before they expire. The rewards gained from the completion of this encounter will scale based on the number of samples you manage to collect.

Toxic Surface Deposit

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

Toxic Surface Deposits are Surface Deposits that have been contaminated by the toxin that Dr. Tellano and her team are studying. The contents of these contaminated deposits are extremely valuable to their research, and if you come across one in the world, they will pay you for your assistance in collecting them. To collect these samples you must start by breaking open the deposit using either a Scan Hammer or a Sonic Detonator. Once the deposit is opened and the contents released, they need to be arcfolded back to the lab. To accomplish this, a series of Transponders will be deployed around the deposit. These Transponders will take a little time to charge up and when they’re doing that, they have a habit of attracting unwanted attention. You will need to defend these transponders from an onslaught of creatures until they complete their charge and safely arcfold the samples back to the lab. If any Transponder gets disabled the charge up timer will pause, and you’ll need to interact with it to reactivate the device and restart the count down. Once the deposit is destroyed and the samples are exposed to the air, they will only remain viable for so long, so you have to make sure to complete the arcfold before they expire!


Both of the above encounters will provide standard mission rewards (Experience, Crystite, and a chance at an item drop) as well as something called “Omnidyne-M Vouchers.”  Omnidyne-M Vouchers are a currency that can only be gained by completing the two wandering encounters described above.  Like other currencies, you can keep track of how many of these vouchers you have by mousing over the bottom right corner of your Inventory screen.  These vouchers can be redeemed by visiting Dr. Tellano or any of her assistants (located in every major POI) and are used to buy one of several items. The items available for purchase are:

New Weapon: “Amazonian-series Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher”

The Amazonian-series RPG is a secondary weapon modeled after the Grenade Launcher and augmented using Dr. Tellano’s research. This weapon fires explosive rockets that do poison damage on impact. The secondary fire of this weapon will fire a guided rocket after a short delay which homes in on its target.

New Warpaint: “Toxic”


New Pet: “Toxic Aranha”


Experimental Stimulants

Experimental Stimulants are a product developed by Omnidyne-M based on Dr. Tellano’s research. Omnidyne-M is looking for volunteers to help them test these stimulants, and for each one used, they will pay you 500 Credits! These stimulants have unpredictable effects that last for around five minutes. For safety reasons, you may not have more than one Experimental Stimulant in your inventory at one time, and you may not use more than one Experimental Stimulant per 24 hours.


We hope you enjoy this event which not only provides some new dynamic encounters for you to enjoy, but also an outlet for players to earn themselves some additional Credits beyond their 1000 a day limit. This is our first Live Event post launch, so we very much want to hear what you think of it! Make sure to leave us your feedback on the forums so we can use it to make future events even more fun. See you in game!

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Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

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