New Eden is a big place, and getting from one end to the other can take a while. This weekend, we’ve got a special event for all of you who don’t like waiting around for a dropship to pick you up. During the event, all players will obtain FREE access to a reusable glider pad and the Cobra R-54 LGV. When the event begins, these items will appear in your calldown menu (accessed via the “C” key), and they will automatically be removed when the event has concluded. If you decide you’d like one permanently, both items will also be on sale in the store for 10% off of their regular Red Bean price for the whole weekend!

Mobility Weekend Begins: Friday, June 6th at 5pm PDT (Click to see your timezone)

Mobility Weekend Ends: Monday, June 9th at 5pm PDT (Click to see your timezone)

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring New Eden with your new-found mobility. See you in game!

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