Calling all players!

Put on your favorite battleframe, hone your skills and clean your mice. We proudly announce the first official Open Beta tournament, Go4Firefall, in cooperation with the Electronic Sports League with a prize pool of €9000 / $9000. You are going to compete against Firefall’s best players in our new PvP game mode Jetball. Check out all details here: US:

Beginning on August 4, you and your team mates from the EU and the US have the chance to compete each Sunday for a €1000 / $1000 prize pool and earn points for the monthly ranking. At the end of the month the eight best teams of each region fight for a €5000 / $5000 prize pool and the EU/US championship title of the final cup respectively while the world watches the stream. 

Jetball pits you and your 4 team mates against another team to fight for the control of the game ball. Coordinated team play is required so choose your battleframes wisely and utilize every ability to either carry or throw the ball through the opponent’s goal. Change your team’s battleframe composition during the breaks in order to adapt your strategy.

You think your team got what it takes? Sign up at the official ESL page: US:

The rules of Jetball: In Jetball 2 teams consisting of 5 team members fight for the control of a ball which has to either be carried or thrown through the opponent’s goal. While you carry the ball you are not able to shoot or use your abilities. Carrying the ball through the goal scores 3 points while throwing it through the goal rewards your with 1 point. The team with the highest score wins the match. A match is segmented in three thirds and battleframes can only be changed before each third.

Watch the Jetball unveil event!