We’re proud to announce that we’ve completed Stage 1 of Open Beta, core gameplay and stress testing, and are starting Phase 2! To introduce Stage 2, there is no better way than to share this gorgeous new UI we’re working on:

Welcome to the new Firefall World Map User Interface! Well, at least a concept of it. The war against the Chosen has gone global! The map denotes the start of what we feel is a key new innovation for shooters (and MMOs) – Reclaim Earth, Unlock the World is our catch-phrase for a new kind of MMO, one that grows and expands not just alongside players, but because of their direct actions in the game. The first iterations of this new UI will be coming up soon.                                                           


Stage 2 of Open Beta is about expanding the world.

In this next stage, the name of the game is unlocking the world. We want to test the mechanics of pushing back the Melding, and taking the war to the Chosen. That’s right, instead of defending New Eden against Chosen incursions, you will now be taking the war into the Melding itself.

 Step 1 – Pushing Back the Melding

Players will work to fuel giant Melding repulsors in each of the three pockets (now called Warfronts) to generate enough power to unleash a pulse that will push back the Melding in stages. Each stage will reveal a little more of each pocket and more playable space with ARES missions and dynamic events.

Step 2 – Eliminating the Chosen Fortresses

Eventually, pushing back enough of the Melding will reveal secret Chosen fortresses that must be besieged and destroyed before the Accord can establish a foothold. Destroying the Chosen will reveal new Chosen technology that can be researched and turned into new recipes for crafted gear and items.

Step 3 – Unlocking the Entire Zone

Once the last of the Melding is pushed back, and the Chosen defeated, the Warfront will convert to a full zone and a new story-based instance will become available to pursue, unlocking the next chapter of the story of Firefall.

Leaderboards – Players will compete on leaderboards to see who has done the most to push back the Melding. Top ranked players will receive special rewards and commendations. They will be honored by having statues of their characters in the new capital, and in 1st place, the right to name the city itself.    

Players Choose the Path

After testing this process with one warfront, the choice of the next warfront to unlock will be up to the players. The players will vote, with their efforts, to vie for which warfront to unlock next. In this way, the direction of the war against the Chosen is in the players hands. The story will also twist and turn, depending on the actions of the players and which areas they choose to attack and reclaim.

The World is Also Dynamic

It’s not just zones that are filled with dynamic events. The entire globe will be dynamic, with hotspots, mysteries and other anomalies that will appear from time to time on the new world map. Chase them down and experience them before they fade away.

The World Changes Permanently and Grows With You

As players unlock the world, the choice of which warfront to unlock will change the world permanently. Neglected warfronts can also be subject to total Chosen counterattack, shutting down that warfront entirely, at least for weeks or months.

And because of our flexible and horizontally biased progression, we never leave old zones behind. All zones remain playable, fun and useful to the player, making this the first MMO that truly gets bigger the more you play. In Firefall, the whole world will always matter, no matter how advanced you are as a player.

Welcome to Stage 2 of Open Beta

We’ve arrived, it’s time to start testing new mechanics in a grander and fuller version of Firefall than ever before. Please join us over the coming months as we pull back the veil of the Melding and shape a world, together.