When the end of the work week approaches and clock strikes 10AM PST, our community coordinators gather in a blaze of Firefall glory for the best web show of all time, Firefall Live. Overstatements aside, if you missed today's installment with special guest Sara aka Zhivas, don't drive your LGV into the Melding! We have all the need-to-know tidbits, news, and announcements right here in the Firefall Live Recap.

Red 5 News

With our Tuesday patch we introduced three new wandering encounters: Bandit Cache, LGV Ambush, and LGV Minefield. Acting as mini-missions, these spontaneous encounters introduce a variety of different gameplay mechanics such as surviving a Tanken ambush or looting a bandit camp. As shorter experiences, wandering events are intended to showcase just how alive and dangerous New Eden can be.

It's officially Thanksgiving time in Firefall and we're offering a bunch of awesome items this time around. To pay homage to tradition, we're offering fan favorite cosmetics such as the Turkey Hat and Capotain, along with several festive new items like the Holo Headdress and The Beak. Get your gobble on before it's too late, these items will only be available until December 2nd.

Adding to the festivities, on Wednesday November 27 at 11 AM PST, Tony and Sara will be hosting a Thanksgiving themed live-stream Firefall style. Put on your holiday cosmetics and join them for a celebratory trip around New Eden in-game and on Twitch.

To touch on development, we are hard at work implementing new features and building a better, more entertaining Firefall. Each patch is leading to even larger releases and reveals, things that we've only touched on in the weekly Development Updates. January marks our biggest milestone, and we are beyond excited to showcase everything that we've been working.

Community News

This week we have several community events for you to explore.

Craseder's Firefall History
Crasedar released a new episode of his Firefall patch history video series. This week delves into the changes and improvements of version 0.7.1725.

FCOM Meeting Saturday November 30th, 11 AM PST
Our friends over at are hosting their fifth community meet up this weekend. If you're interested in getting more involved with other Firefall players, make sure to check it out.

Community of Chaos Live Stream
As always, join Lord Lamina, Cass and Ash, and Noizy Cricket for Firefall streaming goodness five days a week. Visit their website for a schedule and more information.

Herp a Derby Every Saturday 8 PM PST
The weekly uber-exciting destruction derby hosted by the COG army is right around the corner. Did I mention Crystite prizes?

Special Herp a Derby featuring Tony aka ThaCheez Monday November 25th, 3PM PST
This coming Monday, Tony aka ThaCheez will join the COG army's LGV destruction derby for a special Herp a Derby event.

Ask a Dev

Tony interviews Red 5 Release Manager Ben Turner to discuss the process and challenges of preparing for a milestone and sticking to a release schedule.


This week’s extend Q&A touched a wide variety of topics. Starting off, our first caller inquired about new bosses and whether any would be coming for the big January milestone. One thing we’re working on at Red 5 is to create more dynamic boss encounters; battles that necessitate strategy and skill, not duels against bullet sponges. The developers are working to make this a reality and players should start to see more interesting fights including battles against mini-bosses in the coming months.

Shaira continued the discussion with a question about the Chosen Warfront. In terms of work on the warfront, we’ve made changes to watch towers instances but not yet to SIN Towers. Our goal is to make sure the Chosen Warfront feels less random and more focused so we will continue to push in this direction as we move forward.

Craester kept the ball rolling with a query about campaign missions and replayability. Phobos explained that replayability is always a concern for our players. While the first five minutes will not be replayable, the campaign missions can be played through multiple times.

Our next Q&A participant focused his question on decay rate and durability. This has been a hot topic in the community recently because people are angry that their items will no longer last for two or more months. The idea is that we don’t want that kind of longevity on items, weapons, and equipment. As it stands now, an average player receives far more Crystite and resources than they’ll ever need for creating new equipment. The system is out of balance but we are in the process of introducing new systems such as salvaging to level out the game economy. The current decay rate is set to ensure that players’ cannot keep their equipment for months on end.

Another FFLive viewer requested information on visual customization for battleframes. Phobos described multiple systems that have been discussed to encourage physical customization and variety. With the ornament system, as players advance their battleframes, the suits acquire different attachments and look increasingly ‘cooler’. There is also a system that would allow players to customize their chassis and backpack, which welcomes a much higher level of customization. The concepts for these ideas are there, it’s just a matter of getting them into the game while prioritizing other features.

The matter of durability returned in a highly sophisticated real-world economics discussion between Phobos and our last caller. To summarize, durability is necessary to remove items from the economy and generate demand. With players receiving so many rewards in game, there are not enough mechanisms in the economy to utilize those items. Durability is just one of those mechanisms to promote a stable economy. We have plans for more systems in the future and will continue to tweak things until everything is balanced and stable.

Do You Even Art Bro?

Winner: Martin Dur with his Firefall song.