This week we were joined by Stephanie, aka Mervielleux, one of our Designers working on ARES Jobs to learn a little more about the upcoming system. We took another round of questions in our Copa Call-In Q&A session, held EPIC Roccat giveaways and had three more awesome entries to our Do You Even Art Bro segment. We even let our players make fun of some of our world artists in this week’s Caption This.

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  • The third entry in our "Path to Launch" blog series went up this week, and it revealed our upcoming "ARES Job Board" system. It was only a glimpse at one part of a much larger array of content arriving with launch. Make sure to check out the full blog here if you haven't already!
  • We had a fun Community Squad Thumping Event this week, and ran three different timeslots to try and cover as many of the different world's regions as possible: Oceanic/ AEST, EU/ GMT and PDT/EST. Watch for threads stickied in the General Discussion subforum about future Community events.
  • A new Community poll has been posted -- it asks for your opinion on the current structure of the forums. Check it out here.
  • Brandon was not on the show this week because he was at the office working on the first leaderboard update for the "Dawn of the Invasion" Resource Migration Event. The update is now live and you can check it out here.

Special Guest

This week’s guest was Stephanie Newland, one of our Designer/Scripters working on ARES Jobs. She talks in detail with us about how the ARES Job boards will work, as well as how they work in conjunction with our current wandering encounters and ARES Missions.

Copa Call-In

Is there going to be a queue system for the instanced missions?

  • This is something we’ve been discussing as we understand it would help players to find groups for missions; however, it isn't something we currently have planned for our next update. It is something we are definitely considering, though.

Is there going to be a friends list search function?

  • This is a feature we are considering but do not currently have implemented. It is on Brogrammer’s radar to look into.

Is the army size limit going to be raised?

  • We're aware there's a desire to raise the army size limit, though certain aspects of the game need to be taken into consideration. We're still looking into this.

Will the new areas have new sets of sin imprints available?

  • The original idea of the imprints was to help deliver a little narrative to the players in the absence of campaigns and jobs. With the addition of ARES Jobs to our game, the sin imprints aren’t as necessary as they used to be, so we will not likely be adding any more of these in the near future.

Are you going to move the player’s thumper status from the sin card to the player’s UI?

  • An interesting idea! This is something we already do for our “mini-boss” creatures during ARES Jobs along with some of the defend objectives. We could definitely look into doing something similar for the player’s thumper.

Is there a way to queue for an ARES Job where other pilots who also queue can join you?

  • There isn’t a queue system for solo pilots to get groups with the ARES Jobs, however, if you are already grouped up, your group leader will be able to pick a job for the entire group to run together.

With the new systems being put into place, is thumping going to have more value to it?

  • We are making some adjustments, especially to the squad thumping, so that the event should be more challenging. Some of these changes include things such as altering creature AI so that they now recognize and attack shields from player abilities instead of losing sight of the thumper. We’ve also made some possibly surprising tweaks to the boss waves of the squad thumpers.

Will it be possible with the new ARES Job boards to post missions for other players? (I.E. Player generated content)

  • It’s not something we have currently planned, though we have seen that players are interested in this type of content. We feel this would be a cool idea and will investigate into this possibility for future updates.

Do You Even Art Bro?

"Copa Girl" by Fooni
Dyeab01 Chibi Copa Hula Girl Fooni

"Firefall Painting" by Zoega (WINNER)
Dyeab02 Firefall Zoega

"Operation Viper" by SGTStone
Dyeab03 Operator Viper Sgt Stone

Congratulations to Zoega for winning it this week with "Firefall Painting"! Check out the painting's work in progress here!

Visual Progression

This week we showed the visual progression for the Recluse, Nighthawk, Raptor and Bastion frames, based upon your votes. Frank pointed out that these are works in progress and are not 100% representative of the final product (especially with the white painted parts you see below).

Recluse Starting (Top) and Final (Bottom) Visuals

01 Rec 01 01 01 Rec 01 02
01 Rec 02 01 01 Rec 02 02

Nighthawk Starting (Top) and Final (Bottom) Visuals

02 Night 01 01 02 Night 01 02
02 Night 02 01 02 Night 02 02

Raptor Starting (Top) and Final (Bottom) Visuals

03 Rap 01 01 03 Rap 01 02
03 Rap 02 01 03 Rap 02 02

Bastion Starting (Top) and Final (Bottom) Visuals

04 Bas 01 01 04 Bas 01 03
04 Bas 02 01 04 Bas 02 02

Caption This!


We could discuss how to create mind blowing new areas in Firefall…but…why the hell are there legos on your desk?

Hmmm…needs more happy little trees!

I wonder if the grass is greener on his monitor?

“Where did everyone else go?”
“They went to get more legos.”

Online dating, she might just be a troll.

They told us to work till it’s done. We’ve been here with no break for 30 days. Thank god we built a bar in the game.

Eric: “Ugh…your move”
Zach: “Ok…B4.”
Eric: “Ahh! You sunk my battleship!”


That's it for this week folks! Please be sure to check out the Path to Launch blog if you haven't already, and keep an eye out next week for our fourth installment. Thanks for tuning in, and we hope you all have a great weekend! See you in game.

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