This week on Firefall live, we were sadly missing Sara, but happily we were able to bring on another equally pretty face in Scott Rudi, the Design Director for Firefall! A large part of the show was taken up by Q and A with Scott, both with live callers and pre-submitted questions, but we also had our ever popular Caption This and Do You Even Art Bro segments, complete with an original submission by Fadedpez. On top of all that, we showed off some amazing fan-made trailers during the breaks!

Check out the replay here.


  • Firefall’s Early Access Period is live! Any player whose account was created prior to July 8th should have access to play during this period, as well as any new players who have bought one of our Firefall Launch Packs. If you think you’re supposed to have access but are having issues getting in, make sure to submit a ticket to our Support team so they can help you out!
  • We deployed a hotfix last night to fix some of the critical bugs that popped up when we patched on Tuesday, so things should be much smoother now! We’re still working and identifying and fixing other bugs, and plan to put out another big bugfixing patch before we launch on the 29th. Check out this thread for the hotfix notes as well as some of our known issues.
  • There is still one timeslot left for Mikachu’s “Expedition Through Sertao” event where Mika travels through our new zone, Sertao, showing off some of the amazing scenery and wildlife. Check out the thread here for more information!
  • Firefall X-Stream is going strong and going well! For anyone who is not familiar with our X-Stream event, we are having a number of streamers, both from Red 5 and the community, stream Firefall every day, and we have provided every streamer with a bunch of Digital Starter and Digital Deluxe codes to give out while they stream! Make sure to keep an eye on this forum thread for the schedule, and stop by to support our streamers!
  • The final leaderboard for our Resource Migration event is now up! Check out the full post here.
  • We showed off a couple of fantastic fan-made videos during our breaks. Check them out below!

Copa Call-In

What changes in Firefall’s history did you push to implement that ended up not playing out how you wanted them to, and what was done?

  • Well, the general disclaimer is that sometimes you put stuff in you think is going to work one way, and players wind up taking it an entirely different  direction. In terms of something that didn’t go how we wanted it to, the biggest one is definitely the crafting system that we did last year. It was a very advanced and complicated crafting system, and the problem was that it just didn’t really match the game that we were making. With the crafting system and resource system that we had until recently, that’s something that you really have to build a game around, rather than add it on later like we tried to do, so that’s something that definitely didn’t work out the way we wanted it to.

Could you add another I to the end of your name? Pez is totally not going to ask this one. –Arkii

  • I don’t know, because then it would be tiei, instead of tii. I think that would look kind of funny, and I mock you for asking that question. Just kidding :)

Regarding zone transfers, would it be possible to cut out the traditional loading screens; for example a SIN-scrambling fog effect, or showing the flight over the Melding?

  • Well we have discussed going the Indiana Jones route where you show the world map and have the little travelling line. But yeah, we’ve definitely talked about instead of a loading screen doing either a little movie, or maybe a little room you sit in while you transfer (like the interior of a dropship). As for the transfer between Sertao and Coral Forest, since they border each other we are working really hard to try and get to a place where that transfer appears seamless from the player’s perspective. It’s not an easy thing to do, but we think it’s possible and it’s something we are pursuing.

Before the 1.0 patch I had 80% of all the research done and now it went away, are you going to fix that?

  • Well with the changes that we made, we reset and refunded everyone’s research. In addition to all of the Crystite and Research Points used in researching, we also refunded all of the time spent researching in the form of a time bank, so when you craft or research anything now, the time it takes will be deducted from your time bank until it runs out, and you’ll only have to wait 10 seconds.

Ok, but with the way the prices are changed, I can only research a few things before I run out of Crystite, so I can’t get back to the amount of things I had researched.

  • That is definitely something that we can look into compensating for, but we don’t want to promise anything before we can have a real internal discussion about it.

What happened to my bodysuit unlocks?

  • Don’t worry, they aren’t gone! There is a known display bug that is keeping them from showing up in your New You station, and we are looking into fixing it.

Thanks for torturing us so long with the lack of information, it was great. Here we thought you were only going to add Dredge, and now you add all of this. We had no clue!

  • Trust us; it killed us to stay silent just as much as it killed you guys to not hear anything. We really wanted to be able to surprise everyone with what we had to offer, and we hope it worked!

How were you guys able to make so much amazing progress in the past 6 months despite struggling for years to make it work?

  • Obviously having a really talented team working their butts off for a long period of time, but also a lot of the work we’ve done in the past 6 months has been on top of things that were built previously. We didn’t scrap everything and start all over, we took what we had – and there were a lot of great pieces – and we put them back together in different orders. We had a lot of strong pieces and we just didn’t put them together in the right combination previously. The biggest factor is just how hard these guys worked, and how good they are.

For a long time, players complained about the appearance of the female engineer but were told that it wouldn’t change because of the art style. Now it’s finally been changed. Why was that decision eventually made?

  • That actually was something that went back and forth internally for a very long time. It was a question of visual integrity and direction versus what some people were offended by, and eventually we decided to go with what would appeal to the greatest amount of people, so we made the call.

I’m loving the new campaign and all of the story banter that goes on between the different characters. What is the design process behind that?

  • Well, there was a lot of table throwing. But seriously, it mostly comes down to the design and narrative teams working closely together to build those missions from start to end. At a lot of other companies, there’s a lot of conflict between the writers and the designers trying to figure out who gets to make the call, and whether or not the story or the gameplay should be the primary focus. Our goal was to work together to try and get the best of both worlds.

Who is everyone’s favorite campaign character?

  • Frank. Definitely Frank. We love all of the crap he gets from the other characters.

I just wanted to say that the Doomsday community event was awesome. We’re hoping that you guys got some more ideas of how to do more events like this.

  • Yeah, I don’t think you’ve seen the end of Developers going in and going after you guys. Turns out one of the things we enjoy more than anything else is going in game to kill you guys. The one universal thing we definitely know is that we want to do it again, and we learned a whole lot that we can use to make these events even more fun in the future.

Rudi, can you explain the difference between your old position and the new one you just received?

  • Well, the Design Manager position, what I was until today, is more of just a managerial position, whereas my new position, Design Director, is more like a dictator. The biggest difference is people now get me coffee and wash my car. But really, it’s more of a creative role, with more say on game direction, rather than just pure management.

What’s the chance of us getting platoon vs platoon duels?

  • We could definitely look into it, that actually sounds really fun. Again, no promises until we can have some actual internal conversations about it, but that’s definitely a good suggestion.

Any hints of what we can look forward to in the future?

  • Well in general, in terms of things to do in the world, you guys really have not seen anything yet. We went for coverage for now, and frankly I am unsatisfied with what there is to do right now. A lot of the time up until now was spent on building the systems, and so from here we can actually focus on pure content, which means the content we build from here can be a lot more tight and a lot more fun. So, yeah, we’re just getting started.

I’m a little concerned about the progress of the Accord War Front. You guys hot fixed last night, and the limit substantially changed. I’m worried that it was too much of a knee jerk reaction, and now the whole thing will be over before any new players get to experience it.

  • Well, there are a series of Melding repulsors, and you guys are only on the first one right now. The first two are intended to be finished pretty quickly, as the intention for them is to unlock more space and more content for our level 37-40 players relatively quickly. Don’t worry though, the third pushback is likely to be measured in weeks, and we definitely want people who come in on the 29th to have a chance to partake in that event.

Are daily missions coming back?

  • I think dailies will be coming back, but of course with the way the world is structured now, we have to rebuild them in a way that they don’t wind up sending you to an area that is above your level and get you killed.

Do You Even Art Bro?

"Fooni Down" by Fadedpez (this is what you get when you don't submit!)

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
Click image for full-size version
Part 2 | Part 3

"Retake Dredge" by Ganoslal (WINNER)

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
Click image for full-size version

"Untitled" by Renotheone

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
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Caption This!

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

We bottled the tears of QA and beta testers.  Tastes so bittersweet.

Inspiration(tm) now in a convenient 440ML format.

Mmmmmm, drunken purple mohawks and buttheat.  It must happen.

Congratulations!  You are our 1000th player to log on Firefall.  You win a date with none other than.... Fadedpez!

There will be more than the servers going down tonight.... If you know what I mean :)

Guy in back: "I don't know these people."

Only four of these people are drunk.

And, a special entry:

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

That's it for this week everyone!  Join us next week as we have the ENTIRE community team (plus Sara) on the show!  Thanks for tuning in!

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Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

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