Every Friday our community heroes, Tony, Frank, and Matt get together on the Firefall Live set to talk about all things Firefall from the latest Red 5 news, community events, and gaming updates. If you missed the show, check out the video or peruse the recap below.

Red 5 News

Our patch notes have gotten a makeover. We are proud to present our spiced up patch notes format, now including a video overview, screenshots, and graphics. Take a look here.

We had some issues with migration during the patching process last night, but the big milestone patch is now officially live! There are some known issues that we are currently working on such as an inability to change your warpaint and a problem with the upgraded Missile Shot ability. If you find any critical issues, please let us know.

Community News

Salvager Addon – We’d like to give a big thank you to Thehink who created a bulk salvaging mod for Firefall.

Lord Lamina is live streaming Firefall today, January 31st at 2 PM PST on Twitch and he will be joined by Red 5 Community Coordinator FadedPez.

Saturday February 1st at 6 PM PST, the Community of Chaos will be hosting another live stream on Twitch.

Join 8bit Tavern for Friday Night Firefall at 5 PM PST.

Interview with Web Engineer Justin Craig-Kuhn

Red 5 Studios Web Engineer Justin Craig-Kuhn sat down with our Firefall Live hosts to discuss his work on the new Red Bean Store. Check out the interview here.


Q: What do you imagine a release ready Firefall looking like?
A: In order for Firefall to be ready for release, we have to make sure that there is enough content, that our endgame is where we want it to be, and that our retention rate for new players is solid. Right now we’re working on a ton of cool features such as bosses and open world PVP so we are definitely on our way to release.

Q: Is Red 5 planning on finishing the campaign before the game is released?

A: We want Chapter 1 to be complete at the very least before launching Firefall. The idea is that we will continue to release new story missions all the time so that players will always have things to do. The campaign won’t just end.

Q: Is Red 5 considering a 2015 release?

A: No, we are releasing Firefall in 2014.

Q: Since the patch, daily crates only grant white quality resources. Will this be changed?

A: It is a possibility. We will continue to look at the numbers and tweak accordingly.

Q: Are you going to give players the ability to create cosmetic mods?

A: We want to add more cosmetic options in Firefall. One big hurdle that we’ll have to cross is the issue of character silhouettes. We’ve decided not to change these in the past, but if we want to include more cosmetic variety, it’s something that would absolutely provide more aesthetic customization.

Q: Will Red 5 be increasing the number of strikes that can be performed with the melee? Right now the cooldown in between strikes seems too long to actually be useful.

A: That’s great feedback. There were particular design reasons for the time between strikes, but it might be something that we need to readdress.

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