Firefall Live is back and ready for business. Every Friday, hosts ThaCheez, FadedPez, and Red 5 Producer Phobos tackle your questions, share development updates, and deliver community news. But just in case you missed it, we have all of the nitty gritty details below just for you. You're welcome.

Red 5 News

On Tuesday we released a very small patch featuring only two changes. Thanksgiving items were removed from the Vending Machine and we reduced the time it takes to blend resources to ten seconds, regardless of resource quality or quantity. Clearing out your inventory and consolidating your resources is now a much faster and easier process.

Due to lack of time for stabilization, we were unable to push the PTS features into the Open Beta build.

We are back on schedule with the Development Updates. Expect a post on the Firefall blog and forums later today.

Community News

Herp a Derby 

Typically held every Saturday, the COG army destruction derby will be taking a break until December 28th. For updates check out the forum thread.

Cass and Ash Community of Chaos 

As always, the Community of Chaos has a number of streamers sharing Firefall goodness nearly every day of the week. Take a look at their official website for streaming schedules.

Community news with Thumpin4Signal

If you're having trouble keeping up with all the latest Firefall news and events, look no further. Thumpin4Signal is the ultimate Firefall community resource. Follow them on Twitter.

Firefall Youtubers 

For video junkies, check out the latest Firefall gameplay with your favorite Youtube personalities – Craseder, Nokzen, Nakiato, and CoopComrades.

Interview with Senior Animator Edward Bowman

Sporting an epic Mohawk, Senior Animator Edward Bowman joined the Firefall Live crew for an exciting and personal interview. With over 13 years of experience in the video game industry, Edward provided insight about getting into the industry as well as what being an animator at Red 5 is all about. Edward's latest Firefall projects involve working on wandering encounters, the perk system, and...wait for it, melee functionality.


Q: Would Red 5 ever consider having a game mode in which users can play as Chosen?
A: We've played around with the Chosen as a playable race before, but we've never really talked about being a Chosen in an open world setting. It's something that we are not currently working on.

Q: What were the thoughts behind the Tigerclaw changes?
A: In terms of the Tigerclaw changes currently in PTS, we' waiting for feedback from the designers about their thoughts behind the modifications. Our overall goal is to make battleframes more useful in PVE, but we do not have specifics about the Tigerclaw at this time. We'll share it with the community once we have it.

Q: Will we ever see the Biotech beam weapons return in Firefall?
A: We're not currently working on them, but that doesn't mean that they'll never return in a different form in the future.

Q: Are there going to be name change tokens at some point?
A: Definitely at some point in the future.

Q: Was the durability decay rate changed over the past few days, since the last patch?
A: No, nothing has changed with durability this week.

Do You Even Art Bro?

Monthly Winner: Simonheroes

DYEAB Tournament of Champions

Today, Friday December 6th, marks the start of our biggest Do You Even Art Bro Contest of the year, the Tournament of Champions! Our 12 previous winners will now have their art pitted against each other in a head-to-head community vote off to decide whose submission is the best of the best.

During the first round, the 12 monthly winners will be split into two brackets. On December 12th, we will announce the top 2 submissions in each bracket; the warriors that will be continuing on to the final round. After a final voting period we will determine the Tournament of Champions winner who will be crowned on December 20th, the last Firefall Live of the year.

We need your help to decide which piece of Firefall fan art is worthy of earning the coveted title of DYEAB Champion. Did we mention that the grand winner will receive a super secret grand prize? Make sure to vote for your favorite on the forums today. The first round is split up into two heats so make sure you vote on both Bracket A and Bracket B!

Caption Contest

Winner: Gareth Collins