This week’s Firefall Live took on a somewhat different appearance than usual, as Frank was joined by Mikachu and even JBWill for part of the show. Their special guest this week was Sarah, aka “Ara_gaming,” an active streamer of Firefall as well as numerous other games. Sarah talked a little bit about her streaming background before her and JBWill posed some questions from the community. We also gave away some awesome Corsair gaming gear before diving into the ever popular Do You Even Art Bro and Caption This.

Watch the full replay on Twitch here.


  • This Monday we released a “State of the Game” blog, written by Matt DeWald, one of our Producers. In it he gives a general overview of where we are right now as well as a glimpse at what our development cycle is going to look like going forward. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure to check it out here.
  • We released a big patch this Tuesday, followed by a smaller hotfix on Thursday. These updates included a bunch of improvements including the ramping up of Dynamic Content throughout Sertao and Coral Forest, Arsenal Battleframe improvements, a whole bunch of bug fixes, and much, much more. Make sure to check out the Patch notes here and the Hotfix notes here for more information.
  • This week, Mika ran an in game “Costume Contest” event. Players were invited to don their favorite cosmetics and compete to win rare Warpaints. Check out the thread here if you missed it, and make sure to keep an eye out for more of Mika’s events in the future!
  • This weekend’s 25% global XP boost is now live! This boost comes from the community’s successful completion of the War Effort Social Media Event. Keep an eye out for more events like this in the future!
  • Our Hazardous Research Live Event is now live as well. This is our first post-launch Live Event, and involves a couple new wandering encounters as well as some awesome special rewards including a new secondary weapon and a method for getting some Credits beyond your daily conversion limit. Make sure to check out the blog here for all of the info.
  • We’re going to be having a meetup at PAX Prime next week. We’re still working on the final paperwork, but it is tentatively planned for Friday, August 29th at 8:00 PM at Kells Irish Restaurant. Keep an eye on this forum thread for details and confirmation.


Are there going to be any new battleframes coming soon?

  • No, we’re not planning on adding new battleframes anytime soon. Our current goal is to roll out more ability variants and more weapons to really help with the available variety in playstyles. They will likely be made for the Accord frames so that multiple different frames are able to take advantage of them.

There have been a few different crafting systems between beta and now, can you give some insight into why the changes and how you wound up at the system you have now?

  • So, in our original crafting system it was basically you throw resources at this recipe and it throws back a random version of that item with random stats, so that didn’t work out very well. After that we had a little more of a direct system, and then we moved on to the quality system. For anyone who didn’t experience that system, it involved 16 different resources which each had 1000 potential qualities, so that was a LOT of resources. We had this constraint system which kind of matched with the resource system, and it worked because you got to really fine tune your abilities and your weapons and stuff to have the exact stats you really wanted. The problem with that system is it wasn’t really approachable. It was really tough to get into, and it was really spreadsheet-heavy, and it was the only really viable way to get gear. We took a system that we know works overall, but we put it in the game and the players were essentially like “look, I just want to focus on shooting. I just want to focus on the fun combat and stuff like that.” The system existed for about a year, and we had a lot of feedback back and forth about it, and that was kind of our reaction it it, just “OK, let’s simplify crafting and make it very approachable and easy to get into.” We even tore out Professions, which we had implemented earlier this year where you had to choose a specialization and could only craft things from that area. And that’s a tough thing with our open development process, where you give them everything as a test, and then say “well it wasn’t really meant to be like this so we’re going to cut it down to what it’s supposed to be,” and it was met with a lot of backlash. So, we went back on that and opened it back up to a place where everyone could craft everything as long as they were able to spend the research points and crystite to unlock them. So that’s pretty much how we got to how we are, our goal was to simplify the system and make it a lot more approachable to those who aren’t necessarily into the hardcore complex crafting experience.

Are there any talks about turning loot drops into an individualized system to help with people stealing drops from each other?

  • I don’t know if we’re actually considering a loot system exactly like that, but it’s definitely something we’ve heard brought up a lot and is something we can look into. We are looking into changes to the loot systems for our Titan battles to make them a little more rewarding for everyone involved.

Can you comment on the removal of Boing, and is there any chance of getting an integrated system with similar functionality?

  • There was an issue with Boing that we wanted to fix a long time ago, and we really didn’t have the time to dedicate to it until recently. We had messaged vDepth about it previously, and we really appreciate all of the work vDepth has put into the game, he’s put a lot of really great addons out for the game. It was always a problem from a security standpoint, getting all of the server listings like it did, it was never intended for that to be open from our API. Also from the load standpoint, when we’re constantly shifting the load from one server to another to another to another it really plays havoc with our load balancing systems and harms our overall server performance, affecting the experience of everyone playing the game. In terms of an integrated replacement, we are absolutely aware that the addon had a number of legitimate and in some cases vital uses and we are actively working on addressing the concerns that stem from its removal regarding those uses. We are not going to make a full Boing replacement that has a full server list, but we are discussing a number of things that we can do to alleviate the legitimate issues that players were using Boing to circumvent (such as being stuck away from your “home” region after using the joinleader command). Those discussions are still ongoing so we can’t really comment yet on exactly what we’re going to do, simple because it isn’t finalized yet. We are absolutely aware of the concerns and will give you guys more information as soon as we have it. In addition we want to say that we are extremely grateful to vDepth for his understanding and cooperation in this situation.

Are there plans for more customization of weapons and vehicles?

  • Yeah, definitely. Ultimately our goal is to have a garage for vehicles and even thumpers where you can customize those things more. When we can have that is another question. We’re still a pretty small team in terms of a team making an MMO (we’re around 140 people, including 80-90 people who actually work directly on the game), so we have to prioritize. Right now our highest priorities are more or less what was discussed in the State of the Game blog: stabilizing what we have now and creating new content for you guys to experience. It is definitely something we plan on including and something we have wanted to add for a long time, but it’s not something that’s coming in the short term.

Can we get Advanced Frame Tryout weekends back?

  • Yes, they will come back.

Right now it feels like there isn’t really a reason to play Accord frames once you’ve unlocked the perks you want out of them, are there plans to give more reasons to play these frames specifically?

  • That’s a tricky one, because the Accord frames were always meant to get you started in the game, and it’s the first five frames you get for free. We do kind of want people to branch out into the advanced frames, so it’s kind of a tricky thing to do. We could probably add some extra incentives through events and stuff like that down the line, so there are things we can do. They aren’t in our short term plans but we’ll continue to look at it.

Was the Recluse ninja nerfed? It appears to do less damage now.

  • There was an issue with the Recluse alt fire not dealing splash damage which we fixed in our Hotfix, but as far as we know it wasn’t touched otherwise. We haven’t personally experienced it doing less damage, but we’ve seen it reported around the forums, so we can check into it.

Will we be able to pick our specific visual progression pieces in the future?

  • That is something that we would like to work towards, but it requires some changes to how our tech works to be able to accomplish it. Stuff like that is definitely on our radar.

Can we get ODM Blackguard as a Heavy Armor variant, or Shadow as an HKM?

  • No, that would be OP! But maybe, we can talk about it.

We also had a couple of questions that we didn't have time to get to, but we wanted to make sure to answer them here in the recap:

Resilient Plating feels pretty ineffective now, is there any chance of that getting a buff?

  • We're pretty much constantly looking at weapons and abilities and making sure that they are as effective as they should be, and making adjustments if they stray too far out of line in either direction.  Resilient Plating is no exception; we've heard a couple people echo this sentiment, so it's definitely something we can look at.

There used to be a reward for successfully exiting a Tornado Treasure Room alive, but there isn't anymore.  Is there any plan to bring that back?

  • Actually, there is still a reward for exiting a Tornado alive: you get a boost to the resources you picked up while inside.  We don't do a good job of messaging this right now (as in we don't actually message it at all), but that's definitely on our list of things to do.

Can you talk a little bit about the design of the Coral Forest zone and what inspired it?

  • This is a question that really needs Adam McMahon, our Art Director, to comment on it.  Unfortunately he is currently out of the office so we can't get a good answer, but we will make sure to bring it up with him as soon as we can.

Do You Even Art Bro?

"Astrek Predator" by Mnemosnyem
Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
Click image for full-size version

"Electron Version 1.0" by Fooni
Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
Click image for full-size version

"Tiki MGV" by Asteria (WINNER)
Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game
Click image for full-size version

Caption This!

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

Paint me like one of your French... I mean German girls.

Hello, Cupcake.

Quick!  Act like nothing happened!

Down low... Too slow!

OMG it's so loud here I want to jump to my own Gamescom shard.

Since I'm 9 hours in the future, by the time you see this someone will have already placed a desk under my elbow.

Zis pose makes me luk gut, ja?


That's it for this week! Remember, the gang will be at PAX Prime in Seattle next week, so we won't have a Firefall Live show, but we'll be back on September 5th with more Firefall news and even some more Corsair giveaways! Until then, see you in game!

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