Hello Firefall Fans!  We had an exciting week this week because we invited Brandon, our new Lead Community Manager, to the show for the very first time!  We had LoR_NiKoN join us to teach Brandon some tips and tricks that no new players should be without.


  • We’re happy to welcome our new Lead Community Manager Brandon aka BranFlakes! 
  • We’re also happy to announce that Frank is getting a promotion, he will now be our Community Programs Manager! That means he’ll be able to focus his time and attention more onto creating and running programs like the NCO program, the Mentor program, and the Army Relations program. 
  • We had database maintenance earlier this week, and used the opportunity to sneak in a few bug fixes. We’re still doing some fixes on the Sunken Harbor PvP event, but once it’s ready we’ll be able to turn that on without having to patch thanks to server magic.


This week, Frank, Brandon, and Sara were joined in Teamspeak by LoR_NiKoN who took them around in game and taught Brandon a few tips and tricks such as reading the waves in a scanhammer result to find resource peaks.  We also did our Copa Call in Q and A session while the gang was in game playing.

Copa Call-In

What are the thoughts about craftable PvP specific gear?

  • It’s definitely worth considering, though we don’t think it will happen that way for launch. Whether or not it happens after that is still up in the air, but it’s certainly a possibility

I demand new news!

  • We still don’t have juicy new information to give you guys, but the Community Team is working on solidifying our information release plan, figuring out dates of what we can talk about when, etc. One thing we can say is that systems such as crafting, progression, and professions are all being worked on based on feedback that we’ve gotten from the players, so expect to see changes there.

What about the Mentor program?

  • Brandon and Frank had a meeting with the Web Devs the other day about it. It sounds like we won’t be able to get enough time from them to build out the system as we had originally hoped before we launch (having a specific channel consisting of new players, mentors, and devs). The way we’ll probably have to do it will mean we just have to have more mentors than we were going to, and they’ll have a special icon next to their names (similar to the little red 5 next to the dev’s names), and they can help out new players in zone chat. They also may have some way to physically differentiate themselves (like a specific warpaint or a banner on their back).

Do You Even Art Bro?

"Jaguar" by SGT_Stone
Dyeab01 Sgt Stone Jaguar Colour

"Raptor" by Asteria (WINNER)
Dyeab02 Asteria Raptor

"Melee Engi" by Fooni
Dyeab03 Fooni Melee Engi

Caption This!

Ct 04
"*Zbrushing Intensifies*"

"Did Brandon run out of tinfoil hats or is tinfoil plates on lamps the new thing?

"Hovercraft or 2 man LGVs next?  Hmmm... I wonder if staring at this other screen would make me look like I'm working hard?

"So.... has anyone saved their work recently?"

"After taking out tap dancing baby Cthulu, Boba Fett's gaze turned to Brandon picking out the chinese food he recently stole from the fridge."

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the show this week, we hope to see you all again next Friday!