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Red 5 News

We are planning on patching to our live production server next week. We are in the process of fixing all of the critical bugs reported by PTS users, so thank you for helping us and providing feedback.

Since the big milestone patch is almost live, we're just about ready to begin working on our next milestone while formulating the rest of our plan for 2014. This is a very exciting time for Red 5 and we thank you for your support!

Community News

 Fan site Coop Comrades has created a series of tutorial videos for Firefall on Youtube covering everything from the New User Experience, Salvaging, the Chat UI, and more.

 The FFANZ community is hosting its 7th FCOM community meet-up on Jan 25th at 11AM PST. Join other passionate Firefall players and get more involved in the community.

 Join Kream and LoR_Nikon on the AFG cast following each Firefall Live on their Twitch channel and follow them on Twitter @afgcast.

Interview with Associate Designer Adrian Lopez

Red 5 Designer Adrian Lopez discussed some of his recent work on NPCs and creatures during this milestone patch along with a personal reflection about his journey in the video game industry. He also talks a bit about what he's excited to work on in the coming months.


Q: Will the abilities with corresponding percentages have the same percentage values in the new system?

A: We are not changing the actual stats of existing items. You will most likely be able to equip those items in the new system at a higher battleframe stage, like stage 3 or 4.

Q: Will there be any rewards for logging in beyond five days?

A: We've talked about including special rewards for logging in consecutively for longer periods. It's not implemented yet, but there is a high possibility that more log in rewards will make it to the game in the future.

Q: Will Firefall ever have a group finder or some type of tool to make it easier to find a squad?

A: Absolutely, we've already been working on a system and it's about 70% complete. It is currently a high priority task.

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