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Firefall Live airs LIVE every Friday at 10AM PDT (click to view in your timezone) on our Twitch channel here. Whether you've tuned in before or this will be the first time, you won’t want to miss this week’s show (Friday, May 30) as viewers will have another opportunity to win EPIC prizes, as well as the chance to unlock the final hint to our early-June SNEAK PEEK of an upcoming area.


Roccat Prizes Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

Throughout this week’s show, we’re going to giving away some more epic hardware from Roccat, including keyboards, mice, headsets and mousepads. To be eligible to win, sign into your Twitch account and make sure you have access to our channel’s chat box. We’ll verbally ask viewers to enter a keyword into chat right before each giveaway (there will be multiple during the show!), and then randomly select and announce one winner from all those who chatted the keyword. Winners will be messaged through the Twitch messaging system later in the day and will be asked to provide their mailing address so that their prize may be shipped to them.

How to Unlock the Final Hint

Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

Throughout the month of May, the community has had the opportunity to unlock hints that are related to a special sneak peek of an upcoming area. That special sneak peek is planned for release on June 6th, and whether the hints are unlocked or not, that sneak peek will be posted. Hints of what the sneak peek will be can be unlocked by viewership numbers on Firefall Live. Last week, hint #2 and #3 were unlocked: the 2 screenshots that can be seen here.

For this week's show, if we get up to at least 600 watching the show at any given time during the LIVE broadcast, the final hint will be unlocked.
Our last broadcast was not too far from this number, so we are pretty confident that the community will unlock the final hint; however, should it not be unlocked, we'll reveal what it was next Friday (June 6th) before we show you the special sneak peek we've been planning.

So make sure to tell your friends, family, and armies to tune into Firefall Live this Friday, May 30, at 10AM PDT for a chance to win, and to help unlock the final hint!

Until then, we’ll see you in game!

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Firefall MMOFPS F2P Sc-Fi MMO FPS game

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