Firefall Live is streamed every Friday at 10 AM PST on This week, Frank and Tony are joined by Scott Youngblood aka Cornboy, the Firefall's Lead Designer. Scott talks about how he got into the industry, what he does as Lead Designer as well as the latest and some future systems for Firefall.

Red 5 News 

Since the last time we had a show, a patch has been released! Here are some of the highlights:

• In-game squad voice chat now added.
• Beta Crystite vendor is active with all announced items.
• Two new abilities added to each battleframe archetype for open world use.
• Added components as very rare loot drops from larger creatures.
• Trans-Hub Command rework and optimization.
• Power levels added to major POIs. Increasing a POI's power level increases its global buff along with adds new NPCs such as special vendors.
• Progression costs have been adjusted down.
• The P-39 Cobra (LGV) can now be crafted.
• Equipment durability and repairs added. For the time being, repairing equipment is free of cost.
• Improvements to the visuals and functionality of the Crafting and Garage UI (more improvements yet to come).

We're continuing our work on getting more stuff out to you guys for the next patch!

Community News 

Mustang League is underway, be sure to check out the thread for details on the teams involved and league rules and prizes!

ALPHA is hosting a Friday French Fry Harvest Friday May 17th at 7 PM EST. When the event starts, queue up and have a good time!

Banebusters is holding a Baneclaw run Saturday May 11th at 2 PM EST. Head over to and sign up! is hosting the Thunder Bumpin' event, be sure to check out the thread for details!

SihaElle and Kristakis have launched a new site, Astrek Association. Check out the site for cheatsheats, guides and other crafting and gameplay aides.

Interview and Q&A with Scott Youngblood aka Cornboy 

Scott talks about getting into the industry and shares the thought processes behind current and planned systems in Firefall.

Terricon4 asks I know that once trading comes out, I know durability will be better, but it still has that punishment associated with it. I can't see it being an actual resource sink for dedicated players verses newer players. Are you going to bring in more stuff like repairing bases and things like that?

Scott: Yes, we plan on having more things that you will use your resources on. Durability is the first part of a system that you can spend your resources on. You mentioned an interesting word: army bases...oh yeah. We're gonna have those, you can spend resources on them. I can't say a lot about them yet, but it's gonna be cool. Again, durability is it balanced? Probably not, we need to learn a lot about the system and what the problems are so we can tune it appropriately.

SpringField asks what kind of new content do you have coming up for Open Beta?

Scott: What can I promise you and not get killed for? You can expect more of what we currently have tuned more tightly. We also have some new content coming up as a surprise for Open Beta. Better itemization, more balance, and more reason to level your POIs to level 3 beyond just to get your LGV. We're just now starting to present some of the meta game for the open world in Firefall. Being able to level up the town for your LGV pieces is just a method for us to test the mechanics of going out, performing the missions and leveling up towns. What you get for doing that as a player is only going to get more cooler.

Megakoresh asks why is a death penalty compatible for a shooter and what are the reasons for a death penalty in Firefall?

Scott: The reason why we wanted to put a death penalty in is because we wanted a reason for you to not die. If there is a reason to not die, you just die all over the place and don't really care about its effects. In terms of death penalties for dying in a shooter, you are correct that there are some things that we need to be very aware of. If you die from an aranha and take a death penalty, that should be different than as an example a player killing you in open world PvP. We'll try to be smart about balancing the system so the rates of decay work properly for the other systems it works with. Having death and durability loss is how the system feeds itself.

In terms of salvaging, I think the stuff should be salvageable and more. Let's say you go out and kill Chosen and loot Chosen weapons, I feel like you should be able to salvage the Chosen weapons and get useful things. These are the things that will be added onto what we have just now showed you what the foundation elements are, but we have a lot more coming online to support the systems and make them more interesting.

Badh0rse asks when can we see an auction house?

Scott: Yes, that is a necessary part of our system that is lacking right now. We don't have the player to player trades yet which really dampens the ability for players to play Firefall that aren't crafters. We do have a deep crafting system, but do we expect everyone to use it? Absolutely not. The goal is to allow players to play Firefall the way they want. An auction house is necessary to support a robust economy. It's very soon on our feature list, it's coming "soon"(tm), but we do plan on having one.

Do You Even Art Bro? 

Do You Even Art Bro kicks off with a little throwback from earlier on in the show for some fun. Be sure to check out the latest submissions and congratulations to this week's winner! If you have an art submission, please send it to

Thanks for watching the show, as always we'll see you next week!