Firefall Live is streamed every week on Fridays at 10 AM PST - This week, Sebastian Koenig, aka Psypoc, makes an appearance and tries to sort out everyone's issues. We also go over the latest Red 5 news, community news, and showcase some awesome fan art!

Red 5 News

Matt goes over some of the work that's still being done. We estimate that with the next patch (which we're aiming for next week) will have changes that lower some progression costs and even introduce component drops as loot!

Community News

Check out 8 Bit Tavern's Friday Night Firefall 8 PM EST/5 PM PST

Be sure to join in Sh0ppingList's Baneclaw contest Saturdays at 4 PM EST/1 PM PST.

Firewater is giving away a used GTX 460 and GTX 570 on his stream on Sunday, May 5th. That's at

The Mustang League is at 7 of 8 teams for its pilot season. Look out for this to start on May 6th!

Limelight Esports is bringing back Thunderdome, this time with a twist. Accord Assault only! This week should feature PYAH and Fanservice. Check it out Saturday at 4 PM EST/1 PM PST

Interview - Sebastian Koenig aka Psypoc

Sebastian sits the guys down on the couch and tries to sort out their issues. He prescribed 1v1 duels to help settle everything (and they have to hug their moms).

If you're local and want to do a playtest, send an e-mail to

Community Q&A


(not a full transcript, a lot of paraphrasing just to get the meat of the answers across)

Firemoth asks What is your personal favorite Firefall frame?

ThaCheez: When I first started, it was Assault all the way. What I'm really into now is engineer (the Bastion). I've played it all through Lost in New Eden, and I completely like it now.

: I'm still trying to figure it out. I yell at Justin because I can't decide which one. Right now I'm leaning towards Mammoth, can't disagree with Jenrai, TELEPORT SHOT TOO GOOD! I use the default kit on the Mammoth and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Phobos: I'm kind of torn as well, I basically play whatever I feel like playing right now. I usually play Firecat, though, the abilities on the Firecat are really cool for me. It depends on what I'm doing, if I'm thumping, I totally cheese it out and use Bastion.

Firemoth: I like the Biotechs. ALL OF THEM!

Brezals asks Will there be more cosmetic stuff to chase in the open world

Phobos: Cosmetic progression is being worked on right now, so as you progress your battleframe, and get higher and higher constraints, your battleframe will look different. That's alongside the paid cosmetics, we're still working on that as well. We really want to add battleframe pieces too like shoulders, under armors, spikes, different things to make you look different.

FadedPez: I wonder if he's talking about stuff like the Chosen masks.

Phobos: For achievements? Yeah we have a few for now that are there, I'm sure we'll add more over time, they are fun to get. We have the Dunce cap, the Executioner's hood, Chosen Mask, Baneclaw Helmet, we have quite a few in there and we'll add more as we can think of them.

EntropyRising: I was going to ask about achievements and if there are any plans for the future - any kind of interesting stuff

Phobos: We are planning interesting stuff for the future! The issue with the achievements is how often they update, that's a performance problem. Every step you take is stored and processed, and we're still figuring out why there's a performance hit and why we're losing track of achievements. I know the ops and web team are working on it, I'm not sure where they are on that, but it's being worked on and that's what happens when you implement a feature and stress test it.

HOPEnSPIRIT: You used to note the changes from Firefall Live for the blog and you're doing a lot of Q&A and stopped the detailed blog. Could you keep the blog up to date with the Q&A?

FadedPez: Sure, why not!

HOPEnSPIRIT: Suggestion for Lost in New Eden: have you thought about having a community guest? I'd be happy to come along for one of them.

YES! That's totally what we want to do and we will mix it up every week and have community join us on Lost in New Eden!

Thanks for the questions, everyone, we'll be sure to keep this feature going!

Do You Even Art Bro?

Tony goes over this week's entry, including rapping the third entry this week. It's horrifyingly awesome.

Thanks for checking out Firefall Live! See you all next week!